Nov 10, 2010

My emotional Roller Coaster

Well, I have found myself on an emotional roller coaster... one second I am happy, the next I hate the world.. lol.. but the truth is.. I really don't hate it... I don't like seeing things in black and white. I would rather add some colour. So to add to my last post, I would like to continue and say not everything in Saudi is negative for women. There are some things that I rather enjoy. It would be unfair of me to paint it all black when there are in fact hues of different colours shining through. Things are changing, King Abdullah has been a great leader, and is truly moving this country to a more positive light (may Allah bless him, and may he live a long and healthy life.. ameen). I have seen change in this country since I first arrived, as my mom has seen change from her youth to today. It may not all be done in a day, but as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. I would like to be present for positive change to come to Saudi, I would love to be here when we drive for instance. I would love to see this country move forward whilst holding on to its in many ways beautiful culture. Anyway, there is not much more to add. I just wanted to be fair, and not only focus on the negative aspects of Saudi society. There is good and bad, just as there is good and bad all over the world. I love this country, it is home. And I pray that one day we will be treated as equals as our great religions has made it.

With Peace, Love and Respect



  1. well mate its good to mention the good part of everything right..
    but I believe bringing up the bad aspects of life here in saudi is postive too ..thats because u r trying to bring attention to it and help changing Saudi to be a better place.

    love your blog umlujain! =)

  2. Thanks dear... I want change.. I need change.. I think the majority of the country (men included) have a hunger for positive change.Yet there is an unspoken (or at time quite verbal) fear of the traditionalists that want things to remain.


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