Nov 17, 2010

Excuse me.... Wee :)

Here is a short conversation I had with my daughter this morning;

Her: Mommy is Wee open?
Me: I am not sure dear
Her: Mommy it's closed!
Me: How do you know love?
Her: Daddy closed it!
Me: How do you know daddy closed it?
Her: He told Excuse me to close it!
Me: Do you want me to tell Excuse me to open it for you?
Her: Yes mom, I want to go to wee today.

Transalation of what my daughter REALLY means.. :) 

Wee: Malahi, al3ab,  play place they usually have at malls here. She started calling it this when she was a little over one, it was the first time she was on a slide, and whenever she went down, she would joyfully say, weeeee, and well from then on, anytime she is playing on anything, she calls them all wee, and I love it too much to correct her :D

Excuse me: Anyone who serves people, i.e, Waiters, store clerks, etc. As when I speak to them, I don't say the usual 'Mohammed' everyone here seems to name them, and I tend to say 'Excuse me', so my daughter has figured out that all their names are now.... Excuse me :D

I love the pure innocence of little children... sometimes I wish I could just freeze them at this age for a bit, as I am terribly dreading the teenage years (that for some reason now begins at 8 now!!!!)



  1. Oh my God, I also would love to have frozen it. My daughter is almost 9 and when I speak to her in that way she did at her very young age, she says now to me: Hey mum its really uncool! ;-(
    Where is my baby????? And as for the teenage time it is really true, it starts too early these days!!!Unfortunatelly!
    The good thing my little nephew, almost 3 years is living in the same house so I can enjoy him in this way! So cute....

  2. lol @ its really uncool! I dread hearing those words from my daughter in a few years.. lol.. and its nice to have young children around.. I find they make you smile in your saddest hour :)

    Take care dear.. and thanks for passing by <3

  3. Asalam Alaykum and Eid Mubarak habbebti that is so funny you know my son calls anyone who is not Arab Muhammad lol. Anytime we eat hes like yella Muhammad I hungy lol. Kids are so cute mashAllah and like you I LOVE baby talk <3 And yea I hear about the hadiga 10000000% times a day that's all he wants as well :p

  4. Eid Mubarak!
    that is sooo cute how your daughter talks :)))
    I love how she figured the men must be called excuse mes lol

  5. I love it! Kids are so perceptive! Lucky you are polite or your daughter would have been calling them "hey you!" or "ya walad!" lol

  6. Noor- We have got to love them.. the problem is.. they are gonna be all grown up soon, and the baby talk will be a thing of the past :'(

    Laylah... lol.. Thank you dear :) She has a whole list of words she has given certain meanings to.. lol.. I should share them.. :)

    Yamaamaa... ee wallah.. I have seen some kids say ya7maaar to their driver.. and I can just figure who they learnt that from! I would have my daughters mouth washed in soap if she did that.. Ok.. maybe not soap.. but you get the gist :D

  7. mashallah allah y7fth'ha she is so smart allah ykhaleeeha lich..adorable:*


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