Nov 6, 2010

The diaper change disaster...

I know its been quite a long time, but something happened yesterday that I HAD to blog about.

Do you remember this blog post 'Toilet Fun'.

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Well let's call this one diaper disaster! My daughter was invited to a birthday party yesterday, so I took her, and let my husband take care of our son for a few hours. It was kind of nice, to just be caring for Lujain, as she is older now, and it gave me time to socialize while just keeping a discreet eye on her from afar. She had a blast! Anyway, a couple of hours into the party, I get a frantic call from my husband, blabbering about something to do with the washroom. I was like slow down, whats wrong hon? He replied Mansour did number 2! And I calmly just said, well get to it, change his diaper, and he was like.. its not the hard one.. its kind of messy, and I was like, well go wash him, its a no brainer to me, rather simple. He gave up on me, and said, OK, let me go do something about it.

Anyway, after the party, my hubby and son came to pick me up, and my son looked rather good, and I was suprised my husband did a good job at getting him dressed and shoes back on in such a cool manner. He then admitted to me, that he called for his sister, and made her help him... he claims she only put on his socks and shoes . Later when I got home, his sister was laughing her head off, and telling me how my husband was screaming for her frantically as if something big happened. Only to see it was a simple diaper change issue.. my husband supposedly placed my son in the bath and spraid him down with the shower head . Now I am not sure what happened next, as my husband says he finished the diaper change, and only got his sister to put my sons socks and shoes on for him, but another little birdy told me differenttly.. lol


  1. Unbelievable! its the same story everywhere! Whenever I leave missy behind with her dad to do some urgent grocery shopping, half way through I get a panicky call from her dad telling me missys done number 2! I think he somehow expects me to blink my eye and magicaly reach home, change diaper, blink again to reach the grenada mall and continue shopping!

    Well, He does manage to clean her up though, always followed by a shower! and I'm still surprised at how nicely he can dress her up when i'm not around (mostly boyish...never dresses).

  2. lol.. i think we let them rely on us too much... i say we force them to be a tad bit more hands on with the kids.. :)


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