Sep 22, 2010

No Title...

Hello there my fellow bloggers and blogerretes! How has life been treating you? How was the end of a long summer? How was your Ramadan? Eid celebrations? I hope all was well.

On this side this is a few things that have happened....

I traveled for a few days this Eid, and had a nice change of weather... Felt a bit of freedom; although very short lived.

My daughter has become a very talkative little one, and wants to talk to anyone that she see's , and loves to tell people things abut our personal life. hmmm.. now I need a way to train her NOT to.. lol.. but I must admit its kinda cute.. especially since a few months ago, i was going crazy wanting her to talk.. and worried that she was simply not talking enough :)

My son, is nearly 1, and I am trying to plan his Mickey Mouse club house themed party. I do have a few issues.. as I want to invite friends and family... husbands, wives and children.  But as many may be aware its not really easy to have mixed parties here as some people will not attend. And I am honestly not bothered to plan 2 separate parties.. we shall see how it works out.. the house is more then big enough to hold many groups of people, but what happens with the pictures of the birthday cake? which group gets to cut the cake? who gets to witness my daughter blow out her brothers candles (I already know she will be doing the blowing.. lol)

I have been on a cooking, and baking rampage... and am actually enjoying it.

My weight-loss has stopped, as I have stopped working out... but I will back up and at it again...:)

Anyway.. my question today is... Gas or Electric Stove top? I have only ever really cooked on Electric, but some of the die hard cooks out there swear that Gas stoves make food taste better... what do you think?

Last note.... am I the only one who feels like she is stuck in her teenage years? I swear I still feel like I am 19! And I remember thinking that being in your 30's was old and ancient before! Whats happening??? Am I in age denial?


  1. Not sure what the solution is on the party. I would make it the way you like and then whoever wants to come comes..BUT maybe better make a mixed family one so even if it is mixed everyone is more comfy cause no non-relaives. Then have a tea with your friends or something with all their kids. I also feel I am young in age but the BOD is NOT co-operating. :( Even though I work out hours a day it is NOT workin' this time. I am ready to give up. And about the stoves. Here in Canada I have an electric ceramic top stove...I loved it...then I moved to UAE and I had a gas stove...I was like Ohh NOOOooo...but NOW I came back to my electric in Canada and I HATE it. So defiently GAS...hotter...stuff cooks I find myself waiting for the water to boil. Hands down GAS.

  2. yup you are in an age denying period, lol. don't worry it will go away.

    as for the gas/electrical stove? i honestly don't know since i dont cook, thanks god i have a mother, lol, who cooks on gas and her cooking is the best.

    And happy birthday to your son :)

  3. its true they do say cooking using a gas stove is better..but personally i would never go for it..its not safe like when u leave it open by accident and so on..and when we cook using the electronic stove the food comes out just fine i dont see the difference

  4. Hi, its me if you remember.

    I'd like to answer your second question first. You're not alone! I'm 28 but God knows in my heart I still feel 18. Sometimes I can't believe i'm a mother of a 2 year old. I still enjoy doing the things I did at 18, I still feel the same way. I'm trying to hold on to the 2 years I have left before I hit 30. I feel after that I will start to lose two very important battles...of skin and weight.

    I'm aging..and i'm not ready to deal with it yet!. Soon I will be a mom of 2...and I keep hoping that I don't LOOK it!! :)

    Now for your first question. I have always used a gas stove. However during my short trip to Riyadh I used an electric stove for 3 months, and I absolutely hated it. The thing with a gas stove is that it distributes the flame evenly giving quicker and better result. I can also control the heat more easily than I could with an electric stove. I find electric stoves are difficult to clean too.

    My husband tells me that there are hybrid stoves available now which have both. For example, 4 gas rings and 1 electric. Or 3 gas rings and 1 electric. I'm planning on getting one of these when we move to Dubai.

    Another thing is that we have gaslines here in Pakistan. In Riyadh I observed that gas is obtained through cylinders which have to be changed when empty..which can be a hassle?

    I hope that was detailed enough to help you make your choice.

    My daughter has suddenly started talking a lot, and a lot clearer too, ever since we came back from Riyadh. She says things that just make me want to disown her! I guess i'm not alone on that front then :)

  5. hey! i am new to saudi but not to cooking. gas stove all the way. but not in this country where the gas comes in a canister and is the most dangerous thing in the world, specially when u have kids... electric stove with the steel heating coil on top... the glass top cookers are a pain to clean... would love to meet up with people here... lets arrange somthing!

  6. Thank you all for passing by and your very thoughtful replies... I have officially chosen the electric... the gas just had me freaked out with all the If's that kept popping into my head...

    Nazish.. do you have a blog?


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