Sep 16, 2010

Danderma's Muhalabiya

Danderma's Muhalabiya

3 Cups Milk
3 tbsp Corn Starch
1 tsp Ground Cardamon
Rose Water
5 tbsp Sugar
Saffron strands

Heat dash of rose water in microwave, add saffron
Hear 2.5 cups low fat vital milk
Add sugar to milk
In separate bowl mix corn starch to 1/2 cup milk. Whisk well.
Add the starch mix to milk when hot not boiling.
When mixture thickens add the saffron rose water and cardamon.
Mix well and leave on heat for 5 min.
Pour into serving bowls, garnish with pistachios. Put in fridge to set
for a few hours. Enjoy :)

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