Sep 16, 2010

9kg in 3 month

Yup... 9kg at 3 months is 3kg a month... I suck!

I have reached only half the weightloss I planned to. Ramadhan saw no workouts, but a 2 kg weight loss.. so that wasn't as bad as I thought (I was sure I would GAIN weight.. lol)..

So..... I still have a long way to go. I will continue the walk away the pounds, meal portions. I have yet to get the treadmill I sooo NEED, so when that finally arrives in my humble abode I will be one happy camper. My BIG behind needs some major work :)

I am out for now... and till the next post.. happy weight loss, and a more happy complete life to all <3


  1. Ohhh that is GREAT actually! Mabrook! How much are you wanting to lose. My blog is a weight-loss blog...we can cheer on each other :)

  2. I tend to want to over achieve.. as that's how things used to be.. quick and easy... now I really have to work to get things I want to lose about 13 more kg enshallah.. and yes.. I have seen your weight loss blog.. and I LOVE it... You are one devoted mama! I wish I could get to the gym, but its impossible with the two babies :'( Yseer khair enshallah! Keep up the great work.. and cheering is on :)

  3. Unbelieveble! I started a weight-loss plan too..and then I read your blog! but the difference here was..I found out I was PREGNANT!! So all that calorie counting was for NOTHING! I will have to start from scratch once the baby arrives.

    I hope I can do it. I feel horribly fat! I'm planning on getting a treadmill too, but my husband says once it comes..I will lose the charm for it. I don't believe it. Do you? I think it will save me from all this fat!

  4. Om Lujain! Mashallah I want to loose 3kg a month! I had my 3rd baby 10 months ago and I have a nasty habit of gaining 22-23 kg every time! So I still have 10 kg to go :( The problem is I am working out 3 times a week which I increased to 6 but then though better of it lol and NOTHING! I am even tempted to try those dodgy wieght loss pills everyone is on lol you know the ones that are made in China and only sold in Lebanon! Not that desperate yet but Allah Yustur!

  5. Rushes.. I feel your pain! It's frustrating... bes yala il7amdlilah 3la kl 7al! The treadmill.. I have sene it happen to people, but I actually love the treadmill, and use it for hours at the gym.. so I hope I will continue to like it when its in my home :D

    Yamamaa... I have a nasty habbit of gaining the weight, and having a hard time losing it.. I remember when I first got pregnant (I was stick thin).. and made a pact that I would ose all my weight within the first 3 months... hmmm... hmmm.. didn't happen.. I went from pregnant to breastfeeding, to pregnant to breastfeeding..... And I am not one of those lucky people that miraculously lose weight with breatfeeding.. (I know.. awful!!)

    I have thought of those pills often as I have seen many people in the distant family that have looked all thin in a matter of a few months without dieting or working out.. but deep inside me, I know it's poison, and I would rather do it the good old fashion way :)

    Thanks for passing by ladies


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