Aug 7, 2010

Why the Saudi Weekend should be...

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Don't you think the weekend would be better if we had it on Friday and Saturday, instead of the Thursday Friday combo one we have now? There are many plus points to having  the former as our official weekend.

We can visit the whole Market issue, as it is important.  The fact that we are the only market open on Saturday where the rest of the Gulf have their weekends on Friday/Saturday is beyond me. We are losing an entire day of Thursday in the market, whilst the rest of the GCC are working to make their money matter :) we are at home sleeping! 

Another reason is that people would really love Friday much more if the weekend was Friday/Saturday. How many people dread Friday? Friday nights? Friday is our holy day, and for people to hate it because it signifies the end of their weekend should be changed. Lets have Friday as the much loved FIRST day of the weekend, and Saturday to be the dreaded day :)

Anyway, that was my two cents.. and good night to all :)

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  1. heyy sister how are you? Inshallah you are doing well i am in egypt for the summer thats why not many updates inshallah you are doing well missed seeing you on my blog :)
    Ramadan Kareem xx


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