Aug 7, 2010

Saudi Youth

I find that Saudi youth are sometimes put somewhere between a rock and a hard place. They are expected to follow certain rules that they do not even understand. They are inundated by rules, laws and regulations that truly take away from being young. I have always found that the kids here are either the most immature or the most mature people i have ever met. As someone who has grown up in countries with much more freedom then Saudi Arabia, I must say that I truly am saddened by the lack of places youth here have to actually go to.

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Yesterday I went to Kingdom Mall for some retail therapy. My husband dropped me off at the basement parking entrance. When I went in, I saw these 3 boys desperately trying to enter the mall by attempting to persuade the security guard that they had female family inside waiting for them. When one of the boys saw me and my kids at the elevator he came up to me and said ' I am with you right? Can you please let me enter with you'. I was kind of at a loss for words, I was having a struggle within me, a part of me felt sorry for these boys and wanted to let them in with me, another part of me knew that they would probably enter and harass the girls inside (sadly.. when they don't know better.. that's all they think of). I politely declined, but still felt bad. I must admit that I have on many occasions done this for some poor guys, but at this time I really wasn't comfortable with it. Anyway, one of the head security guys comes to me, and asks me if I knew that boy. I told him that I didn't. He then starts cursing the boys, saying that they were disrespectful, and how dare they talk to a respectable women with her kids. He then grabbed his walky talky and started shouting some numbers into it. All the time, I was trying to tell the guy that these boys were young, and as I have brothers of my own, I had no issue with them, and rather felt sorry that they have no place to. I was ignored, and I believe he was trying to get the Hai'a in, but the boys were smart and left as fast as their feet could take them to their cars.

Now my issue here is that boys here really have nothing to do. They can't go to a mall and shop without being given the 3rd degree. Many parks are deemed family only, as are many of the theme parks scattered throughout the country. There are obviously no movie theatres for anyone to enjoy. So what do they do? they flood the streets and drive around all day. They have made their pass times driving around in the most dangerous of manners. The moment they actually come into contact with a person of the opposite sex, they really don't know how to handle themselves. They learn from their peers the art of being truly annoying, and have a complete lack of respect for women. The funny thing is, I don't blame these boys, I blame the society that hasn't taught them better. One may argue that these things should be taught at home, but lets face it here, no matter what you teach your child, they will always most probably act a different way when away from you. SO if our society taught them how to properly act around other people, rather then just telling them that everything is wrong, the society would have been better off.

I know this is kind of not where my blog post was supposed to head, but I can't help it. I have been hearing about many Saudi Atheists as of late. And I just wanted to say that once again I blame the society that has not taught them better. From the day we are born we are taught what to do, what to think, and who we should be, no questions really asked. We are told to blindly follow the culture (not religion), and many have come to think of them as the same. In Saudi culture has become religion, and many cultural actions have demoralised individual Saudi's and has forced them to completely give up on faith (May Allah guide them). Wouldn't it have been better if we were taught the difference of what is Culture and what is religion? Many of the posts I have read from Atheists go along these lines; some girls have argues that Islam (actually its Saudi culture) does not give women rights, they believe that as women we are deemed no body and for that reason have chosen to give up on Islam all together. I truly believe that if these people were REALLY taught Islam, and saw Islamic actions being practised they would have known better; but alas even our religious police- whom are supposed to be the pillars of what is Islam in society have adapted to culture more then religion.

Anyway, that has been on my mind for a couple of days and I thought i would just go through it here.


  1. I really agree with you sis... I find many of Saudi laws like Whaaaaaa???? And sadly many of them do not go with Islam...
    Sad part is, if you speak against it, you're in for some trouble!
    However i think that if the teaching at home is strong enough, the ills of the public arena won't affect you that much...But then again, if the teaching at home has been very rigid, then the youth won't see the value in it and are bound to rebel.

    Vicious circle!

    You have a great blog here! <3

  2. Finally someone that admits that there are Saudi's who aren't muslim.


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