Aug 18, 2010

The people of Pakistan NEED our help!

Hello All,

I would like to pass on this message I received from a friend in hopes that you may also be able to help in this effort to do something for the people of Pakistan. If you are in Saudi, please read on. I pray that you will be able to help in this urgent relief effort by a wonderful lady here in Riyadh.

Thank you.


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Dear Friends,


For the past several days, we have all been watching the shocking consequences of the recent floods in Pakistan that have impacted the lives of over 14 million people. Entire villages have been wiped out as a result of which two million people are now homeless, 1.7m acres of crops destroyed and livestock drowned. The United Nations estimates that up to 3.5 million children are at high risk from deadly water-borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery because they have no access to clean drinking water.

This disaster is much larger than the Asian Tsunami, the 2005 Earthquake and the Haiti quake combined. Every province in Pakistan has been affected in what is only the beginning of a long term emergency situation. There are 6 million Pakistani children alone in need of urgent help.

Whose suffering will you help stop today?

We request you to help whole-heartedly in any way that you can in order to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the flood and to help them cope with this overwhelming situation.

We are currently accepting donations in the form of food, shelter, clothing and medical relief supplies. A complete list of items needed for the relief effort is attached for your review.

I am collaborating with the Riyadh Chapter of the Pakistani Doctors Group for this Donation Drive. The Military section of the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh as well as the Pakistan International Airlines endorses this effort and will be providing logistical assistance in transporting and distributing these donations. You can drop your donations at the Nursery Section of the Pakistan Embassy School (In Nassiriyah) or call me for further options and other details at 0562490486.


Please donate today. Help us save some lives this Ramadan.


Uzma Adnan






1. Non-Perishable Food:
• Water
• Flour (Aata)
• Rice
• Sugar
• Cooking Oil
• Lentils
• Powdered Milk
• Canned Food (Beans, Peas, Corn, Fruit)
• Tea
• Baby Formula Milk
• Dates

(Please ensure canned food is not nearing expiry date and is good for up to a year)

2. Medical Supplies

• Oral-Rehydration Solutions
• Panadol (Tablets) + Panadol Extra
• Brufen 400 mg (Tablets)
• Flagyl 400 mg (Tablets)
• Anti-Malarial medication (Tablets)
• Anti-Venom medication (for snake bites)
• Medicines for Gastrointestinal diseases
• Anti-pyretic (Fever) medication for children
• Medicines for Respiratory diseases
• Diaper Rash Cream
• Gauze Bandages
• Disposable Gloves
• Anti-Bacterial Wipes
• Water-Purification Tablets
• Band-Aid
• Hand-sanitizing Gel
• Ciprofloxacin 500 mg
• Augmentin 375mg & 625 mg
• Amoxicillin 500 mg
• Azithromycin 500 mg
• Cefuroxime 500 mg
• Losec 40 mg
• Pantaprazole 40 mg
• Gaviscon syrup
• Immodium 2mg
• Buscopan 10 mg
• Cough syrup- Bronchicum
• Benedryl
• Exylin
• vermox 100 mg
(Please ensure that the expiry dates on the medicines you donate are at least 1 year away from present date)



3. Shelter-related items

• Tents and Tarpaulins

 • Flashlights

4. Clothing

• Shalwar Kameez for adults and older children

• Shoes for adults
• Any/all other clothes and shoes for children

• Blankets

• Quilts

• Bed sheets

• Towels

(Please make sure that whatever you donate is practical in addition to being new and undamaged/un-stained. Keep in mind that the relief effort targets those in rural areas and that winter is approaching soon. )

5. Other essential items for Hygiene

• Tooth paste

• Tooth brushes

• Soap (for bathing)

• Dettol

• Anti-bacterial hand-soap

• Diapers



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  1. its been a really really big disaster. People have, thanks God, not died in big numbers but have lost their homes and livelihood. PLease donate generously,people need your help and prayers.

  2. My heart and Prayers are with Pakistan during this difficult time may Allah ease their burdens during this blessed Month
    how is Ramadan going for you my dear? i wish you and your family all the best
    Ramadanul Kareem :) must be fun doing ramadan in saudi arabia no ramadani feeling up here in London :( btw my weddings been post poned coz of ramadan and eid and stuff tis complicated lol
    naz @


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