Aug 11, 2010


I found and slightly adapted this recipe from Group Recipes- Molokhia


4 chicken breast cut into large cubes

2 packs of frozen Molokhia 1000 grams

garlic - 8 cloves 

1 pack Maggi Chicken (2 cubes)

2tbs Olive Oil

water - 150 grams 

Freshly squeezed lemon juice


Saute minced garlic in Olive Oil
Add chicken and fry till golden

Add molokhia (If using the frozen Molokhia take out a few hours before use so that it will be defrosted)

Add water if sauce is too thick

Add Maggi cubes and water

Let it stew for 30 minutes

Serve with lemon juice and steamed rice
Enjoy :)

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