Aug 17, 2010

I Love Islam!

I am a Muslim through and through. I love my religion. It is the religion of peace. It brought humanity out of the dark ages well before anyone knew what freedom was. Women were given rights they could only dream of pre-Islam. Women owned their own businesses; and get this, kept their own money! They were given the right to inherit money from their deceased guardians- un-thought of pre-Islam. They were no longer objectified as per the jahaliya times with women as mere property to men. Islam forbade the act of burying your female babies. Islam banned the consumption of alcohol, which I believe should be a world wide spread ban. Alcohol kills! You don't think so? I have seen it kill!

I must get off now, but I just wanted to say those few words... I love my religion... I love Islam... Allahu Akbar.. And may you all have a blessed Ramadhan which keeps you away from all Evil, and brings you closer to your creator.


  1. me too
    Good blog..I an following

  2. Salaam, and Ramadan Kareem! The ban on alcohol was a big draw for me, too, when I became interested in Islam. There is indeed some good in alcohol, but the evil exceeds the good. I've seen it, too, up close, and I never want to see it again.


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