Aug 12, 2010

A Hallmark Holiday?

Ok, perhaps its not a hallmark holiday, but its coming pretty darn close. On the eve of the first day of Ramadan, I recieved a msg letting me know that;

 "During the Holy Season of Ramadan, Blossom Mother and Child, opens 1-4pm, 8:30-2:30 am. Welcome to enjoy up to 70% off our summer collection."

So I have been kindly informed that the shops will remain open until 2:30AM- Yes you read that right 2:30am. I must admit that I won't complain, but will also add that there is a fat chance I will be in any mall that late or early in the morning. The TV commercials for Ramadan been in full swing, where they show us how Vimto, Pepsi, Rabee3 juice, etc are must have Staples of the holy month. If you go to the grocery store you see families with carts (yes cartS) full of food, cases of Vimto, Tons of Flour, Quaker, Jareesh, Harees, and all the goodies needed to be consumed from Maghreb to Fajr. The funny thing is, I have noticed that most people eat MORE during this month then usual, and thats kind of the opposite of the meaning of Ramadan.

The Ramadan TV series have gotten to an ultimate high, there are about 150 Arabic Ramadhan series showing; from Egyptian, to Syrian, Kuwaiti, to Saudi and all of those other countries I didn't mention. The at times annoying yet oh So funny Tash ma Tash is back on. Many of the tv series are running at the same time Tarawee7 prayers are taking place, so yet again, a new tradition that is taking away from what Ramadan truly is supposed to be. I would like to admit that I am one of those sorry folks that does indulge in about 2 series during teh Ramadan month.

Anyway, all in all, I feel that Ramadan has lost whats its supposed to be about, but I do hope that people attempt to keep it simple, and try to return to the true meaning of the month. Eat in moderation, pray and remember to worship Allah, and I will add to shop in moderation, as it truly is ridiculous to buy a brand new wardrobe for the occassion...

Good Night to all, and I pray that you are all doing well in this holy month ... <3

MBC 1 Ramadan



  1. It is becoming that way, especially with all these celebrities getting paid hundreds and thousands to do Ramadan specials. Oh well, happy ramadan :)

  2. I almost hate to say but I scheduled my States visit to arrive back in Riyadh as Ramadan closes simply because the prospect of a single Western male sleeping by day and feasting all night by himself is too pathetic to consider.

    Very well written Om Lujain--thank you for the brief yet insightful essay.

  3. lol.. Happy Ramadhan to u as well Jaz :)

    Veeds- I really don't blame you, I can imagine how boring it would be for you. If you atleast had family here, or had invites to some Saudi homes your time would have been a little more 'fun'. But I can only imagine how hard it is for a male/single/expat in this city. Hope you enjoy your vacation :)


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