Aug 14, 2010

Haia to Cyber Police!

OK, now my question here is.. what would be seen as a cyber crime by the Haia, if it is anything like how rules and regulations are made up on the spot in the streets.. will this inevitably be a way to control things that they should not be controlling online? Will the cyber policing  just stick  to 'porn' or will more areas such as the blogosphere be policed now?
Let me make it clear, in Saudi society as it is, I believe there is a need for the Haia, but not the way they take their job now. There should be a very strict regulation as to what they should be doing, and should not be allowed to make up their own rules as the day goes, and depending on their mood swings. I also believe they need to take a sensitivity training course, or a course to teach them to properly interact with people. To talk to people in a dignified manner, and to treat them like humans.


Haia set to put up unit for cyber crimes


Published: Aug 14, 2010 00:31 Updated: Aug 14, 2010 00:31

RIYADH: The General Presidency of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is currently trying to set up a unit for cyber crimes at its headquarters.

The unit will track down any attempt to blackmail women on the Internet, a source from the Haia said on Thursday.

As a temporary arrangement the presidency has set up a committee to investigate cyber crimes at one of its offices in Riyadh. With the collaboration of some other departments, the committee has closed down many sites.

Even after that the committee has monitored some groups running sites that supply porn. Those who ran such sites have been arrested and punished for violating cyber regulations.



  1. I believe Hay'a must recruit qualified and educated people who know what enjoining the good and forbidding the evil in Islam means because I see some of them oppress and abuse in the name of calling to Islam.
    So yes, I totally agree, they must be given courses in how to interact with people in a way that does not violate human rights.

  2. Exactly... I truly feel that many of them (not all- as I have seen some that were VERY polite) are what give Islam and Saudi a bad name :(


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