Aug 25, 2010

Gone for a bit...

It's time for me to reflect... and I will not be blogging for a bit.. take care...


  1. khair inshallah! take care♥


  2. i will miss you and your blog :), for some reason though i follow you ur blog never shows up on my dashboard so i never know when you make a post :(

  3. I'm not used to comment on one's blog but I've to admit that I follow yours for the past few months and I really enjoy the reading.

    As far as I know the Saudi culture and how hard it is to balance between two different cultures, I think - and it's a bit crazy from me - that you do a really great job.

    I'll miss your comments about your life or your view about the world.

    Please come back soon.

    Sayeda, from france and egypt. (i'm sorry if there is English fault, I'm not an english native speaker)

  4. Thank you Anya...

    Naz- Hala 7abeebti.. I hope all is well.. and that your wedding goes on smoothly enshallah :)

    Cleopatre, Thank you very much for commenting, I truly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your kind words as well :) I will be back very soon enshallah... and your English is PERFECT! much better then my french :)

    3idkum embarak ... wa 3sakum mn 3wada.. I pray you all had a wonderful Eid enshallah.

    Take care <3

  5. Asalam Alaykum I already miss you :(


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