Aug 13, 2010

100 Shows this month??!!!

Ok, I know I have already spoken about it in my earlier post, but I just read an article on Arab news that truly got to me. In a nutshell one of the girls has stated that she loves Ramadan because of the many Soaps on TV; and she further went on to say she will probably be watching about 100 shows this month. What are things coming to? I agree with the elderly folks in this article, Ramadhan is truly losing its meaning in the present day. The full article is bellow.

On another note, last night I went to the mall after Tarawee7 prayers were done. You should have a slight background that my children are usually in bed by 8:30-9pm at the latest. But last night we left the house at 10:15pm, went to the mall to pick up my a dara3a (thowb) I made for my daughter (I will add a picture later), and went to get measured for some house dresses I wanted to have done. WE took my daughter to the play area, and left the mall at 12:15am! YES past midnight. My kids were cranky and tired, as they are usually deep asleep by that time. My son was doing his sleepy son the entire time. And as we were leaving there were people with families just coming to the mall do do some shopping. I felt guilty, and next time shall send my husband out alone to get things done.. or leave him with the kids.

Anyway, I am in the kitchen cooking now, so I better stop typing and go back to my fooood :)


Elderly Saudis reminisce about fasting traditions of the past

Published: Aug 12, 2010 23:52 Updated: Aug 12, 2010 23:52

JEDDAH: In the run-up to Ramadan, local TV channels had launched aggressive campaigns advertising new soaps and programs that will specially be aired during the holy month.

As a result, many Saudis and expatriates have been planning their busy daily Ramadan schedules around these soaps and dramas.

“I love the holy month of Ramadan. What I love the most is the huge selection of television shows and series that are on offer during Ramadan ... Since I’m on vacation this Ramadan, it will be easier for me to watch more shows and keep up with them all,” said university student Amnah Al-Sayyed.

“Most people think it’s wrong to spend Ramadan watching television instead of reading the Qur’an, engaging in worship and attending mosques, but I can do both,” said Al-Sayyed.

Lamya Marzook said Ramadan this year is going to be special because television channels will be broadcasting excellent quality programs of a wide-ranging variety.

“I’m only saying this judging from the adverts I’m seeing right now and I can’t wait to see these programs. The series I usually see are Syrian, Egyptian, Kuwaiti and Saudi but there are more this year … they include soaps and series that have action, historical and comedy themes. I’m planning to watch almost 100 shows this month,” she said.

Ramadan is also a particular time for family get-togethers with many older citizens getting nostalgic, reminiscing about the Ramadan of old. “Ramadan used to be a month in which people would try their best to get close to Allah. It used to be month in which families would get together, share their iftar meals and catch up on what others are doing,” said Ahmed Hashim, 72.

“I don’t even see my grandchildren nowadays; most of them are busy shopping or following soaps. They don’t even bother coming to my house in this holy month.”

In fact, Ramadan of yesteryears used to be a time when people would sit in mosques praying, but it is now a time when people shop and watch television.

“Fifty years ago, my family and I used to go to Makkah to spend the entire Ramadan there. It was a perfect opportunity to gain closeness to Allah and strive hard to pray and worship,” said Fatimah Shaker, 82.

“It’s different nowadays; I feel tempted to watch television and follow certain television programs. I’ve managed to keep up with an old tradition in which I invite my entire family over for iftar, but I can’t feel the Ramadan spirit as I used to feel it when I was younger.”



  1. It's sad to see that people get excited for the wrong things .. Ramadan isn't about ramadan anymore :\

  2. I was shocked at all the posters of "special" Ramadan shows on mbc! I totally knw the feeling with kids out that late. I did it once and never again. We tried to get everything done before Ramadan started. Having said that, there is one top left to buy(!) and with the kids fasting they tend to stay up a bit later than usual.


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