Jul 6, 2010


I spent a little over 8 hours at the mall yesterday, shopping most of it, and had some coffee during the Dhuhr prayer time, kept at it, got lunch for my daughter right before the Asr prayer time, and shopped some more, finally got myself something to eat, and took my daughter and my friends daughter to play for about an hour in the indoor kids area. My son was being a good little boy, May Allah bless him. Maghreb was about to come in and I was done. I needed to go home :) As you may already have heard all malls in the kingdom will be open all day throughout the summer save prayer times of course. Too bad I have to go back to return and exchange some things :(

If you are taking a cab and would really like to be as safe as possible, I would suggest you take the London Cab service (they look just like the cabs in London), you will find booths for them in most malls. I saw the booth while I was waiting for my husband to come pick me up.

Oooh and  I clocked in at over 16000 steps on my pedometer.. 5 weeks and 6 kg down... I am proud :)))

You would think that they would use spell check right?!

And I found an interesting store.. A world cup 2010 store.. hmmm... I wonder whats going to happen to it after the games are over?

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