Jul 26, 2010

On The Face Veil Ban...

I have been wanting to write a post on the 'burqa ban' that has been sweeping many countries. It was implemented in Turkey, Belgium enforcing a nationwide 'burqa ban', France is just about to fully pass a ban on the face veil, Syria has implemented a ban on the face veil in Schools and Universities, Egypt has been wanting to impose a ban for a while as well, there are many other countries that have enforced or want to enforce some type of 'burqa ban'. There are people of all walks of life calling for a ban on the face veil around the globe.

Picture Source: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/11/13/article-1227574-026D22F9000004B0-590_233x366.jpg

So whats my say on this issue? I say I am against the ban. I am against the fact that other people want to chose how a person wants to live. If a women has chosen to wear the veil on her own, then she should be given the right to do so. I don't see the difference between someone being forced to cover, or forced to un cover. People tend to equate the covering with oppression. But I also add forcing someone to uncover into the equation.  I have read many different blogs on the topic, and thats the beauty, people have the right to disagree. I must agree with some other bloggers that this ban is nothing about giving women freedom, and is more a political step to get more people to follow the 'right', conservative, republican etc wing!

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  1. i totaly agre with you. the sad part is that even muslim countries are taking part in it. Covering for women is important in ISlam. But forcing somebody to uncover really????.Isnt that voilation of personal rights, Y r not people who r so strongly againdt women covering satndinup for thoes who WANT to cover but cant because of LAW. Hippocrits thats what they all are. They

  2. I understand you and to a degree I agree with you BUT… these women are not required by Islam to wear niqab or burqa but simple hijab. Yet, they wear it under pretext of religion which is wrong. Only Prophet's saws wives were told to cover their face as they were not like other women, being married to a Prophet saws. And, if you live in the West why would you want to go to such extreme which will only make you stand out in a society and perhaps even bring harm. Islam is completely against it, calling for moderation. In KSA, every woman foreign or not HAS to wear an abaya despite the fact that she might not want to… You might say, they should respect local laws and culture, well, the same goes for Muslim women living in the West. In the West at least they have a choice…

    1. See, I believe no one can be sure what it means. Many people believe it is for the believing women, not only the wives of the prophet, which would mean all Muslim woman. I for one really can't be bothered with a women choosing to wear it or not, but I do believe that if it isn't safe for them, it probabl;y would be best to do without it. Generally unless safety is a concern, that adult woman can make her own decision on whether she believes is it obligatory or sunna, and then further on whether or not they want to adhere to it. I personally do not wear it, but will not be the one to force it upon a person or off o them.

      As for the laws here in Saudi, it is written in black and white before people come here, and everyone and their mother knows that it is not only an Islamic country, but a rather strict one. So upon coming here (ok.. well before you even come here), they already know what they are signing up to. )

      Thank you for passing by and I appreciate your comment.


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