Jul 31, 2010

No Women. No Play.

As you may have heard there is a campaign to 'force' Saudi Women to take part in the Olympics. The idea is that if Saudi women can not be part of the Saudi team, then the entire country should not take place. Male Saudi athletes will have to sit at home as a punishment for what is not in their hands. I think the idea is ridiculous. And the issue of Saudi women and Olympics in my eyes is like trying to put out a forest fire with a spoon of water. I mean really! There are truly more important things to focus on.

Anyway, if you have not heard about it.. the link is as follows:

No Women. No Play.

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  1. You need to start somewhere and this seems to be a platform where you can circumnavigate progress on the issue. Yes, there are all these other issues women are facing there, but no country or group can tell Saudi Arabia what to do. Only, groups such as the International Olympics Committee has the power to exclude and include countries that follow its charter; clearly Saudi Arabia is not. Once Saudi Arabia is put on the international stage and is banned from the Olympics, it will be an embarrassment; only then will the world truly know the status of women in Saudi Arabia and it will be forced to allow women to play. Thus, Saudi women can demand greater rights in civil society through this.


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