Jul 6, 2010

Modestly dressed Mannequins...

Qati Nafsak Ya Mannequin! :)

While at the mall yesterday I saw something that made me go, OMG, are you for real?!?! While in the Gap, I was browsing around and I noticed 2 of the Philipino sales men talking n Philipino, I am still not really sure how I understood, but he said something about a shawl and the Mutawa, and I put the two together and figured out they were talking about covering the mannequins with a shawl so the Mutawa's would not get at them. I really could not believe t, I mean how aroused can one get by a headless mannequin to need to have her covered up with a shawl? The mannequin already had a cute sundress on, and the salesmen told me that they were not allowed to keep it like that and that they had to cover them with either a jacket or a shawl so that they would not get in trouble by the religious police. I mean come on, is the job so boring that one must now dictate what a headless mannequin wears?  I really think they should put there time to better use!

I really have nothing else to add, it was shocking to me, and I wish I took a pic of the headless mannequins up on display.. next time!

I have added a picture I found online of headless mannequins in Sharjah

 Picture Source: http://gulfnews.com/polopoly_fs/18-ae-mannequin-gn-5-jpg-1.81955!image/1998259647._gen/derivatives/box_475/1998259647.

I am off to bake cupcakes for my baby girls last day at summer camp... ciao :)


  1. Wow that's totally over the top! By the way, I couldn't comment on your last post but congratulations. 5kg is a lot!

  2. That's a little too much! Seriously, the things people do ...

  3. Asalam Alaykum, LOL yea you know those mannequins may attract no telling what the Saudi men might do to them :p lol.

  4. Seriously the muttawa needs to focus on real issues for a change..like why are men selling women bras and even taking the bra to her chest and examining if it fits??yuck.


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