Jun 14, 2010

Saudi Arabia IS a democracy.. in its loosest terms

I am pretty sure I have some people shaking there head, wondering what this crazy lady is rambling about. But as  I sat here in deep thought wondering why things are not moving forward as fast as I would like, it hit me; Saudi in a small way IS a democracy (Ok.. maybe not the being elected part ). Lets take a look at a some examples. As a woman, I will obviously mention the driving issue, and why n the year 2010 woman are still deemed unable to get behind the wheel in their own country; it is not because of the leaders, as King Abdullah is all for women driving, but rather the the people he rules that have chosen not to be enlightened enough to allow women to drive on the roads of this country. The strict segregation between people is also something that is not put in place by the Ruler, but once again is something the people he rules have chosen. A Dictator would have long ago said 'sod them', I will do as I please, but in all realities what the people want in this country is of utmost importance. While people sit around blaming the Ruling family, I say we need to educate the common idiots people around us, the regular folks int he streets, the ones that are forcing this country to progress at an extremely slow rate, as many of them want us to go backwards instead of forward

 Photo Source: http://c.imagehost.org/0274/nodrive.jpg

Picture Source: http://a.abcnews.com/images/International/nm_King_Abdullah_100503_mn.jpg

That was just my two cents on the topic...


  1. LOL, i used to live there. I didn't like it. the idiots o o sorry i mean people. the people were idiots. Not the idiots just happen to be citizens. syria is way better i can't handle saudi life. but thats just me.


  2. And while we're at it, we need to show them how the men in the villages let the women drive. Obviously, these men don't feel their manhood or their women's chastity are threatened.

  3. i think i posted once that most people who hate saudi and its restrictions fail to notice that we apply sharee3ah so its not really Saudi they have an issue with... All in all people need to be patient we've done alot in a short time we're getting their :)

  4. What you say about the people not ready for changes- is true.

    Off top: do some people really believe in Democracy? "democracy" has discredited itself. It does not exist. In the USA or Russia, or anywhere else- they (ruling elite) choose a candidate that suits them, advertise him very well and make people want him. They manipulate us. (just like they did with Obama) And if we are not fooled, then they fraud the election. People dont really have a choice, they are doomed to "choose" whom the political and economic elite wants. just IMHO.

  5. This is so true. That's what I keep telling my friends in the states; it's the plebs who don't want change. Well, at least change that will benefit women. It's the people who don't want women to drive; who don't want any real progression forward; as they continue to use the tools of progress (cell phones, computers, etc.)

  6. Asalam Alaykum, I have to say that I have pondered these very issues and agree with you 100%. I think the royal family is pretty modern but hey most people with money and education tend to be, right? I think the people SOME of them are the ones holding themselves back sadly.

  7. Very well said mashallah!

    It is not even ALL the people of KSA that are like this. It is just that when Ibn Saud united the tribes, he did such a GREAT job that most people are patient with most people.. so they do not want to do something that everyone will not agree with. It is not fear. It is just a matter of " Who first?"
    And, I think that has already happened though ( seen a few ladies driving around with tinted windows) - give it another 2-3 years.. choose a nice car.

    Sweet Anger: Thou Art right!.. a lot has been done, mashallah!

  8. Hi!
    I am 29 years old woman from Finland. I like to read all kinds of blogs and especially those from totally different cultures than mine. It is interesting to read about your life. :) Maybe I will start my own blog in english too, so that someone can read about my life.

  9. I totally agree with you. I think many Saudis are not prepared for progress. The protected environment they created, is just so backwards that they would not be able to survive in an environment with freedom and gender equality.

    I had the opportunity to meet many saudi women who are educated, clever, funny and competent. The day will come when they will stand next to their men, not behind them.

    I feel sorry for some man, who are so insecure, are afraid their wives will cheat on them if they were given the chance - funny enough, the ladies go everywhere with their drivers, because idiots believe women would never get as "low" as to cheat on their husbands with a "lower" ethinicy.

    I can see many SAudi women getting out of the prison, I mean, country they were born and producing fab work overseas. They may be the window to show how talented Saudi women are.

    I hope the changes come quicker, for everyone's sake.



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