Jun 2, 2010

Its been 7 days...

Ok, so its been 7 days (ok today is day 8) since I have come to the full realization that my weight will not melt off without any work. My metabolism has slowed down significantly, firstly due to having my second baby, and secondly due to having a thyroid problem (which I have not begun medicating for). I was in Duba a few weeks ago, and when I returned  started my usual facebook picture uploads, only this time I did not dare add any pictures of me that showed anything from the waist down. So on Wednesday May 26th 2010,  started walking away the pounds with Leslie Sansone. This is not the first time I used her to lose weight. In 2003 I used her and lost 15 kg in less then 6 months,  think it was more or less 4 months, but I was doing 6 miles a day, and had a more active life in Toronto. Anyhoo,  am currently doing 3 miles a day, cut down on what I eat. I am not going to go on a diet, I smply want to teach myself to portion control. Let me make it clear though, I have never been those women who sit down to HUGE plates of food, but as I am getting older nature is doing its best to keep the fat on me, and  need to fight. So I have a goal of about 1 1/2 kg a week, about 6 kg a month, and hopefully in about 3-4 months I will have lost atleast 15kg enshallah. I must stress, that  am NOT going on a diet;   I don't believe n quick fixes, and just need to figure out how to maintain a good balance once I get this initial weight off me. I must also remember that I am breastfeeding my son, and will probably do so for at least another 10 months enshallah.

Wish me luck, and  I will try my best to keep my weght loss fun and chalenges up-to-date on perhaps a weekly basis :)

Till then...

Om Lujainty and Mansouri


  1. Hey I guess most of us can relate to this

    Believe me. Its not only about knowing the secrets of a good diet. It is also about will-power

    Cuz I am a clinical dietitian and sometimes I find it hard to loose weight although I almost exactly know how much I should eat to loose weight but sometimes I don't have the determination

    I like ur reality out look at things

    Hope it all works out good with u

    Let us know ;)

    spring Blend ^____^

  2. Ohhhhh I didn;t know you had a weight-loss blog...yay I am following you :) We can keep it up together! InshaAllah you get to your goal!

  3. Hey girls... I am soo sorry for not updating as of late... lol.. I nearly forgot about this blog :) anyway... I will be back at it soon enshallah.. and as a quick update.. I have gone down about 9kg so far.. and Ramadan saw NO exercise whatsoever :( Yeah I know bad.. but I hope to be right back at it now enshallah...

    Kasey.. I will add you now, and delete ur post enshallah


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