Jun 2, 2010

Catch ‘em Being Good

As Parents we tend to focus on our kids bad actions, and tend to forget to give any focus whatsoever when they actually do something good. I found a great piece on a blog I was reading, and thought I would share it with my fellow facebookians ;) Here is a list of words we can use with our kids when they are doing good.... Catch ‘em Being Good....

* Fabulous
* Excellent
* Outstanding
* I appreciate that
* I like that
* Super
* What an imagination!
* Well done
* Phenomenal
* I knew you could do it!
* Fantastic
* Nice work
* Spectacular
* Sensational
* Hurray for you!
* You brighten my day
* Wow
* What a good listener
* You’re so helpful
* Marvelous

You can add any positive words to this list in any language you speak at home. Let's show our little ones that they don't only get attention when they do bad things...

Source - http://www.2wired2tired.com/
Picture-  www.filedby.com/.../carla_hamaguchi/45431/works/



  1. I know! i'm preggo with my first and i've been soooo worried about the whole supportive mommy thing. my parents never did. they always told me how i could do better. so i never thought i was good enough. but i find that what helps me is practicing saying good things to my husband..LOL.. so when my baby gets a bit older I'll have practice noticing the cute and great things she does!. I've also been babysitting kids lately trying to improve my nice skills. LOL. inshallah I'll be a good mommy.

    god made you sooo talented!
    I'm proud and Allah will be too!
    Child u r going to heaven for sure!



  2. lol... was just telling my elder sister that even when I am mad, I say Allah yahdeek to my husband ( learned it from her)... But I do love your additions, its wonder to hear great things, so imagine how much it means to a child that really needs your love and acceptance. I am sorry you were raised in that manner, it reminds me that my mother has always been positive for me, always making sure we see things in the positive light.

    Thank you for passing by dear...

  3. PS- I am sure you will be great with your baby enshallah :)


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