Apr 15, 2010

Rape, Murder, Forgiveness, Rape, Murder... DEATH!

This is truly disturbing! On many different levels. A Man was put on the death penalty after raping and killing a Pakistani girl, but was pardoned the last minute by the girls father. The idiot somehow gets out of prison, and does it again- this time killing an Ethiopian Maid! This time around I hope that NO pardons are given. These men need to be killed (the death penalty is around for a reason, and these animals are truly the perfect candidates for it.) What saddens me is that I KNOW of people in prison for simply owing money, some amounts as little as 3000 Dirhams. They are rotting in prison while murderers such as these are let off, and let back into society. I am also rather annoyed that they did not mention the full names of these monsters. I say their 4 names (Given, Father, Grandfather and family) should be listed for the world to read. They didn't care about the life of the women they murdered why should they be hidden and given the right to hide behind their initials.

Another disgusting rape that occured in the Emirates as well has drawn world wide attention. The rape and murder of a 4 year old boy!

Rape & Murder of 4 year old Pakistani boy

Once again.. bloody initials are used to hide the murderers identity! They publish the names of guys who harass girls in the paper, why not publish these monsters names as well :(

Justice at last, says father of boy raped and murdered in Dubai

 Justice will not be served until we see the murderer DEAD. Raping and killing a little boy in the washroom of a Masjid on Eid Day! My God! What is humanity coming to?


  1. Alaykum Salam HARAM this beyond broke my heart.

  2. As far as it has reached to, the murderer of the 4-year-old child is sentenced to death. I just hope that it happens. I don't know what to say ... Day by day, such crimes are covering the local newspapers... It's killing me...

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  4. It's truly disturbing and disgusting.

  5. I'm tearing ...
    This is just too much!!!

  6. I dont understand as something as simple as registering every sexual offender by name as you say is too difficult?!?!

    also isnt it our right as a ppl to enforce the death penalty in this case regardless of being pardoned by the parents or whichever person holds that responsibility i mean he went out and did it again!!!

    AND... if you sexually abuse anyone especially children you're sick and u need to be put down no buts or ifs it just shud be.

    hell i'm a mom and i want my kids to be safe period

    ps love the blog ;)

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