Apr 2, 2010

Louboutin in RiYaDH- SooN !!!!

I will try very hard to contain myself.. but bloody hell, I am excited :D Christian Louboutin will be opening 3 stores in the Middle East- one of them right here in Riyadh! Imagine an enitre store with the signature red sole.. ahhhh... where I shall no longer drool over the shoes without purchasing them due to the bloody high heel. I am hoping that an entire store dedicated to them, shall mean some lower heal selection for me to check out :)

Just saw online that Jeddah already has a store that opened January 26 2010.. Oghbalnaaaa enshallaaah :)

Christian Louboutin Jeddah

Al Khayyat Center
Kingdom Saudi Arabia


  1. Asalam Alaykum, ahh I am loving it..

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  3. Am I weird but what is the big hype over these shoes? LOL I am not a fan of high heels but seriously, why do these shoes specifically have some women drooling???

  4. Wow that's amazing!!
    It's about time!!

  5. so glad i saw this... would be great if you could let us all know exactly where the store opens!!


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