Apr 15, 2010

Rape, Murder, Forgiveness, Rape, Murder... DEATH!

This is truly disturbing! On many different levels. A Man was put on the death penalty after raping and killing a Pakistani girl, but was pardoned the last minute by the girls father. The idiot somehow gets out of prison, and does it again- this time killing an Ethiopian Maid! This time around I hope that NO pardons are given. These men need to be killed (the death penalty is around for a reason, and these animals are truly the perfect candidates for it.) What saddens me is that I KNOW of people in prison for simply owing money, some amounts as little as 3000 Dirhams. They are rotting in prison while murderers such as these are let off, and let back into society. I am also rather annoyed that they did not mention the full names of these monsters. I say their 4 names (Given, Father, Grandfather and family) should be listed for the world to read. They didn't care about the life of the women they murdered why should they be hidden and given the right to hide behind their initials.

Another disgusting rape that occured in the Emirates as well has drawn world wide attention. The rape and murder of a 4 year old boy!

Rape & Murder of 4 year old Pakistani boy

Once again.. bloody initials are used to hide the murderers identity! They publish the names of guys who harass girls in the paper, why not publish these monsters names as well :(

Justice at last, says father of boy raped and murdered in Dubai

 Justice will not be served until we see the murderer DEAD. Raping and killing a little boy in the washroom of a Masjid on Eid Day! My God! What is humanity coming to?

Apr 14, 2010

Coffee Talk... and an Epiphany,,,

A few days ago I went for coffee with a fellow Saudi Blogger SaudiWoman. She was a sweet and wonderful company. She kept my baby girl busy with crayons and paper, and drew things for her, making her a HUGE hit with my baby girl.. :)

We asked one another lots of questions (it was the first time we met). One question she asked me stuck with me; she asked me what I studied, and I told her I have a BA with a double Major in Political Science and Sociology, she looked awed and pleasantly surprised and quickly asked me with such an educational background why I wasn't blogging about things other then my day to day life. Why I was not discussing more pressing topics. And to be perfectly honest I really didn't know how to answer. I know I gave some rambling nonsense answer, but it wasn't a real answer. But as I sat here for the next couple of days, I realised something, I have been sitting here talking about how I had lost myself in the years I have been here, and that I was losing a bit of myself as the days passed. I was constantly blaming outside forces for my lack of thought, my lack of actual 'thinking'. When I came here I was a very vocal person, who had something to say about everything. As the months turned into years I slowly withdrew from what I knew, and left myself in a cocoon far away from world issues; the reason being that I felt since I could do nothing to solve the problems around us, it was just ;leaving me depressed, so I started to ignore the news and tune into movies and tv shows (I have watched more movies and tv shows in my 6 years here then the rest of my life combined). To be perfectly honest, only I am to blame for what I have become, I can not blame Saudi or Saudi society for my lack (or loss of intelect), because if there is truly anything everywhere in Saudi, it is news, it is discussions on pressing topics, from International affairs, to local affairs, from womena rights, to childrens rights and everything in between. I won't promise to start discussing politics on my blog, but I hope to go back to keeping in touch with the world around me, to building my knowledge rather then slowly allowing it to slowly fade away. I am here to stay enshallah. This country is where my family is, and enshallah where my future shall remain.I have finally come to the conclusion that this is Home, and I shall start to truly live.

Thank you!

The World is at my Fingertips...

Apr 9, 2010


Alrighty, well this is a blog dedicated to my weight-loss goals. In 3 years, I have gotten pregnant twice and had two healthy beautiful babies il7amdlilah. Along with those adorable bundles came some extra junk in the trunk.. who am I kidding? I have some extra junk all over! So now, I am putting out there, I NEED to lose weight! I want to lose weight, so... I will be jotting down my success and failures. Will post on what I am doing right, and what I am doing wrong (Jut had a snicker chocolate bar!!!!) I will decide on whether I will be measuring lbs or inches as well... And hopefully after this journey, I will be able to fit into a pair of size 4 ok, I will be perfectly happy with size 6 ! So wish me some luck, and show me some love <3
Apr 2, 2010

Louboutin in RiYaDH- SooN !!!!

I will try very hard to contain myself.. but bloody hell, I am excited :D Christian Louboutin will be opening 3 stores in the Middle East- one of them right here in Riyadh! Imagine an enitre store with the signature red sole.. ahhhh... where I shall no longer drool over the shoes without purchasing them due to the bloody high heel. I am hoping that an entire store dedicated to them, shall mean some lower heal selection for me to check out :)

Just saw online that Jeddah already has a store that opened January 26 2010.. Oghbalnaaaa enshallaaah :)

Christian Louboutin Jeddah

Al Khayyat Center
Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Light It Up Blue!

Light It Up Blue

On the night of April 1, prominent buildings across North America and the world including the Empire State Building in New York City and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada will be lit up blue to raise awareness for autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on Friday, April 2.
And we’re aiming to light the world blue, too – city by city, town by town – by taking action to raise awareness about autism in our communities.

Other things you can do to Light It Up Blue

  • Wear your Autism Speaks puzzle piece pin every day throughout the month of April, and tell people about autism if they ask about it.
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to the Light It Up Blue logo and tag at least 10 of your friends.
  • Post on your blog about how you are “lighting it up blue” to raise autism awareness.
  • Add the Light It Up Blue logo to your e-mail signature … and type your e-mails in blue!
  • On April 2 wear blue clothing and ask your co-workers, schools and friends to wear blue too. Take pictures and add them to our Flickr gallery.
  • Bake puzzle piece shaped cookies and frost them with blue icing, then bring them to your school, work or place of worship to raise autism awareness.
PS- I was trying to find a photo of the N Tower for Light it up blue.. and couldn't find it.. if anyone sees a pic, please let me know... Thanks <3
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