Mar 18, 2010

Whats on my mind...

I have several things on my mind right now, so lemme jot them down and maybe getting it on paper (OK.. on a computer screen) will help me sort them out

1) I was Om Lujain for the last few years, and now many people have automatically switched and started calling me Om Mansour. I love the ring of Om Lujain, and customs dictate that I shall be Om Mansour since I have my eldest son now. My husband was called Om Mansour long before I met him, so many people were already calling him that even when my daughter came... what do you think about this topic? Eldest Son Vs eldest child?

2) We are still living with my in-laws till we finish our new home completely, and plan on ordering oour maid once we know the official move date to our home. Lately I have been thinking, I would rather NOT have a live in Maid. But then again, its not even given a second thought here, everyone must have a maid. Whether its for her to clean, help cook, baby sit the kids, or whatever. But I really would like to have my home, remain my home. With no 'outsiders' among us. What do you suggest? Ignore my silly ideas of privacy and conform to the way people have it here, the way my parents had it, and they way everyone around me does it?

3) This is a funny one, but its a biggy! Blackberry or Iphone? I innitially wanted the blackberry to communicate with my blackberry using friends world-wide. But I reallly love how the iphone looks, and from what I read they are coming up with a new iphone 4G, and I am really falling in love. I have been an Ericsson girl for quite some time, and have a hard time leaving it, but I shall never fully leave it, as I have 3 phone numbers and one will always remain my trusty ericsson :) Whats your take on the phone battle? Iphone? or Blackberry? (and yes, yes, I know blackberry is CANADIAN, and that i should support it for that reason.. lol)

4) Going back to my new home, the home has 4 bedrooms, so one is pbviously mine, one is the guest room, and I am still debating on whether I should make one a play room and have my kids share (I favour this one), or if we give them each their own bedroom. I like the idea of them sharing, because I feel it will help in their bonding. My husband on the other hand is freaked out that my daughter is gonna hurt our new baby... (I know she is smarter then that, and would not hurt him on purpose)... what are your thoughts?

5) I have always been a hair colouor junkie, and have always either highlited my hair or coloured it. It has been 1 year 3 months since my last touch up. My hair Does look healthier, but I am kinda bored with my natural reallly dark hair colour. I wanna lighten it up just a bit, to make it a nice brown! Yet I want something that will look good with my complexion. Heck, I would love to get a full makeover done... I am n need of one, and have yet to get my full much needed pampering session post pregnancy. I think I will wait till I travel for that much needed Pampering time :) So.. do u think I should embrace my natural self, or lighten up my locks ?

6) should i keep typing or go to sleep :P Sleep has won this battle.. Good night from Riyadh All. God Bless <3


  1. I like Om Lujain much better. The gender of your child shouldn't matter. Look to the Sahaba, who were proud parents to their daughters.

    Iphone's got cooler apps and you don't have to deal with AT&T, so I say go for it!

  2. thank you dear.. I love it as well.. but I think I will just answer to both enshallah... :)

    I think Iphone is gonna win this battle as well! Its just sooo delicious and I love just looking at it.. hehe :)

  3. salam alikom sister..

    Om Lujain. I like the sound of that,,, MASHA'A'ALLAH..

    No maid. I have a post on this on my blog. :D

    BB cause I love mine. <3 Masha'a'Allah.

    let them share.. make the other a play room.

    Go treat yourself to something nice. Doesn't mean you have to color your hair. Get a treatment. You'll love how you feel after!!!!

    :) :) :) have a great evening!

  4. Heey sis i missed you, my thing didnt show me you updated your blog-Om Lujain is beautiful dont change it :), did you get to go to bahrain?,if you did i hope you had a good time, btw the iphone is a must have :)
    Naz :)

  5. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I think Om Lujain is nice, but I understand why your husband is using Abu Mansour now. I'm sure once we have a boy, my husband will start using the boy's name instead of Abu Riyam. Before she was born, everyone was calling him Abu Ibrahim, hoping he was having a boy. but....if we have a boy next, I hope to name him Abdullah, not Ibrahim! in sha' Allah!

    I too would rather not have a live-in maid, but like you said everyone has one here. I don't know what we'll do when we eventually move into a house. At the very least, I want someone to help me cleaning if we build/buy a large home, but it doesn't need to be a live-in maid.

    I can't help you with your phone situation. I don't know if I would be able to decide either. I actually lost my phone recently, but I decided instead of paying 1500-2000 riyals or more on a nice phone, I will buy a nice camera from the US and use an ok phone. I don't use my phone much anyways.

    Why not keep Mansour in your room for a while, and then move him to Lujain's room, and then eventually to his own room? I love having the baby cot in my room. I feel so much better knowing my baby is safe and close by me, and it's so much easier for night time feedings.

    You definitely deserve a full makeover!

  6. Texan in UAE- Thanks hon! And I will do the makeover in the UAE enshallah when i come next month. (Don't know why.. I love to pamper myself in the UAE instead of Saudi.. lol)

    Naz- No.. didn't get to go yet :( Trying to persuade my husband to take us this weekend enshallah. Don't know if it will work or not.. but I shall try :D and the iphone will soon be mine enshallaaaaah :) (even though I want to wait for the iphone 4g that is rumored to be coming out in a few months.. )

    Um Riyam- Thank you dear... I have people calling me both names now.. so its all fun and dandy... its all good.. my daughter will be loved none the less enshallah :) and enshallah you will have a little boy named Abdullah (That is a name I want if i have a second son.. is my dads name, and my husbands grandfathers name). I have asked my husband to wait till he orders the maid, I would like to move into the new home, and get some kind of routine ready for the maid to come to IF she comes enshallah. SO if I feel there is no real need for a maid, then I will talk me husband out of it enshallah.

    I hate losing phones :( Let me rephrase it.. I hate when people lose my phones (3 of them!!!)! lol.. I have never personally lost one myself. The thing with me, is I already have 3 'cameras', one professional canon one, a sony cybershot 12mp, and then the sony handycam. But I always find the phone more handy for those shots of the babies when I am out (my phone is always with me.. the camera isn't)... thant reminds me.. I need my husband to go pick up my phone from the repair people!

    Makeover- Enshallah that will happen in Dubai! Much needed!

  7. You be om Lujain, and your husband Bu Mansoor!

    - I have been really stubborn and did not buy a BB, but eventually I did. Instant messaging have made people stop texting* any "non-BBs". -( but have an extra phone too. )

    - A playing room is a must. Have it "injury resistance", toys scattered around is better than being stuffed in cupboards that children might climb. may sound silly, but honestly it's children room!

  8. I love your blog!!

    Definitely iPhone...much cooler apps and it looks way nicer!

  9. Hey there Skies.. thank you for passing by... he is Bu Mansour.. and surprisingly enough I have recently noticed some people still call him Bu Lujain.. so its kinda cool.. lol

    And I get your drift on the kids room... safety is always important

    Cairo-... thank you so much.. :) ANd you are right...

    Number 3 has been revolved!

    IPHONE HAS WON!! and I am in love with my new Baby... heheh.. Black berry (My husband has it) has NOTHING on the iphone! I mean really... there is NO Comparison!!!

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