Mar 3, 2010

Toilet fun :)

My little girl has pretty much toilet trained herself, she tells us when she needs to use the washroom, and does this cute little dance when she has to go. ANyway, let me rewind for a sec here, when I was pregnant with my son, my husband promised that he would be a more hands on daddy, and would be taking care of Lujain when he was home after work, so that I could focus on baby Mansour. Ofcourse that never happened, because once I had Mansour, all diaper changes and feedings were left to me (I knew this would happen). His idea of taking care of our baby girl, os by SPOILING her to death.

I remember the first time I actually allowed (YES I had to give him  permission.. lol) to take my daughter out... they left me after i got her dressed up, gave him her water bottle (she can not survive without her water), and they headed out. It was an adorable site, her walking out hand in hand with her daddy. Anyway they were gone for a little over an hour, and I was very restless (I was still pregnant with Mansour). Anyway when they came home, her hands were full of toys (and her daddy was carrying some for her as well. They went to Toys'R'Us, and he bought her EVERYTHING she looked at. Till this day he does the same thing.. lol.. anyway going back to my title post. A few days ago, I was very busy with Mansour, and my daughter did her toilet dance, and my husband took her (I don't allow the maid to be too hands on with my kids- after all is said she isn't a nanny). I hear my baby girl saying mama poopoo, and my husband was like WHAT!!, and I was like she did number 2 clean her up! and he asks me... How am I supposed to clean THAT up?!?!?! I was like.. well get the water and wash her and then dry her with toilet paper (sounds pretty simple right). My husband picked her up and put her in the bath tub, and turned on the shower head and was spraying her all over like he was trying to disinfect her! LMAO! I was in shock, he really didn't know what to do, and he was SUPPOSED to be the one taking care of her.. remember! Anyway, I wish I took a pic or a video of it, it was truly a KODAK moment.. lol


  1. LOL you made my day sister made me laugh so hard.Thank you

  2. I am in the middle of a huge poop mess myself details not needed, lol. SO it was funny to read someone else was as well.. lol..

  3. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    aha ha ha ha ha ha OMG that is too funny!!

    I remember back when I was a nanny and I became an expert at wiping poopy diaper babies with a reasonable number of wet wipes.

    Well, that was over 10 years ago and I haven't had much baby experience since...and recently when I visited sis Texan in UAE, I was changing her son's poopy diaper and couldn't get the hang of it and used sooooo many wet wipes it was hilarious. Texan in UAE was alllll laughing at me.

    I also remember when I was in Japan with some family the year before. In the hotel we stayed at, the toilet was called a "washlet" where there are buttons on the side of the toilet you can press for a wand to come out and spray your butt or a spray button for women. I told me nephew who was 6 he needed to try out the toilet when he first had to poop.

    I forgot to take into account how tiny his body was and the water was splashing all up and over him because his little butt didn't reach far back enough on the toilet seat!! It was hilarious!!

  4. Angel.. thanks for passing by hon.. and I am glad I made u laugh :D

    Noor- I must say that I have a long list of poop stories... but I won't bother my readers with the details.. lol

    Twizzle- I WANT those Japanese toilets! I plan on traveling to Japan just so I can use one.. lol.. I heard they even have sounds and music to kinda cover any ermmm sounds u may make.. loool But I can just imagine how shocked that poor kid was when the water shot up behind him.. hehehe.. miskeeen Don't worry b4 I had my own< i would probably used up the entire pack of wipes at one time.. so ur still good.. lol.. and I am sure you will make an awesome mom with minimal wipe usage :P

  5. LOL, ma sha' Allah at least your husband is trying!

  6. LOL @ your dh spraying her everywhere

  7. yes, depending on the place that has the washlet, some have buttons to press for audio...some is music, some is the sound of flushing!!!

    they sell one of the famous brands here in UAE, named ToTo but unfortunately they only sell the expensive all-in-one toilets with the washlets. In Japan, they sell ones you can use on top of your toilet in replacement of the regular toilet seat which is more reasonably priced :)


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