Mar 28, 2010

Sickness and weight loss...

My baby daughter had a high fever last night, and once we saw the over 40 number my husband rushed her to the hospital. I felt soo awful not going, but I understood that I needed to stay with my son, and not take him to the hospital where he could come in contact with illnesses his young self could not handle. She came home about 2 hours later with antibiotics and Ibuprofen. I hate seeing her so weak, 7ayatii... matshoofeen shar ya binti il ghaliyaaa...Allah yshfeeeha <3

It's been 6 months since i had my baby, and I have not lost any weight post partum, but gave actually GAINED weight. My issue here is that I am not eating anymore then I used to, I am breastfeeding... I am honestly NOT as active as I would like to be... but this weight gain is driving my crazy :( I am probably going to go to the doctors and get a checkup. To rule Thyroid issues out. My lst pregnancy I found myself with very high numbers and teh doctor was worried and told me I was right there on the border of officially having it or not. (4.99). Anyways, it won;'t hurt to get checked up, and I will probably need to start an active workout,k because I am truly NOT used to being this big, it is scaring me, and I am refusing any real shopping till I lose weight enshallah... hmmm... I do hope all goes well :)


  1. ohhh inshallah Allah heals your daughter. I understand you wanted to be with your daughter but Alhamdulillah you are able to keep your lil' boy safe. Imagine mothers who are on their own and don't have that choice?

    about the weight-loss... if its not your thyroid, it might be you are one of those women whose body completely changes after a certain pregnancy.

    it happened to my sister. before her 2nd child, she has always been able to eat whatever she wanted and stay slim. after her 2nd child she gains weight very easily.

    with my other sister, the same thing happened after her 1st child. Then after she had her 2nd child she went back to being able to eat anything she wanted and staying slim again!!

    wierd huh?

    inshallah if its a Thyroid problem, it can be healed quickly sis :)

  2. Thank you soo much sweetie! So I guess if its not thyroid issues... I am gonna try get pregnant again and pray i go back to normal.. hehehe... Ok... So Workout more is what I shall do enshallaah!

    Btw-... your sisters have some interesting hormones.. lol... but its true.. with each baby the body reacts differently... with my first I got my monthly guest right away, with this one... I am still waiting, and waiting... and waiting.. lol

    Thanks 4 passing by hon <3

  3. Ohh salamat'ha ma tshoof shar enshallah :(

  4. Assalaamu alaikum,

    in sha' Allah Lujain is feeling better.

  5. Asalam Alaykum ahh habeebti I am sorry I did not know she was sick I just read this. May Allah grant her shifa Ameen. Is she feeling better? Talooly has been sick for the past few weeks too.


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