Mar 1, 2010

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  1. omg that is halarious! You've made me laugh! thanks ! My husband would be the exact same! Except he would have probably made her stay on the toilet until i came to wash her LOL

    men! **rolling eyes** Sometimes i wonder how they would survive without us :D

  2. OmAbdullah.. lol... sometimes I wish I could just leave my husband with the kids for a few hours while i go pamper myself.. then I think of how the poor kids would suffer.. heheheh.. 7abayabi!


    hilarious story!

    Thanks for following my cooking blog. It is really interesting because when I FIRST started reading blogs I found yours. Maybe almost a year ago. Anyway, when I actually started a blog I had to follow everything from scratch and somehow I lost your blog address! Anyway, I never commented or anything, but I am SO GLAD to find you again!



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