Mar 30, 2010

I guess he DID enjoy it ;)

Firstly.. my baby girl is getting better by the day.. she is not 100% yet.. but I am hoping that she will be in the next couple of days!

This is a total random post. I was reading the gossip columns (yeah... I know its a waste of time... but every once in a while, I click on the links provided on the Windows live messengers 'Today'. Anyhoo, one of them caught my eye today... the one that said 'Ricky Martin comes out'. A hilarious memory came rushing back into my head... It was probably about 10 years ago, and I was downtown with one of my friends Bassam (where r u kiddo????). Anyway, there was a concert and autograph session at the HMV store at Yonge and Dundas (I am pretty sure thats what it was called.. correct me if I am wrong plss) with the one and th only  livin la vida loca KING (Yeah.. I LOVED that song... brings back sooo many memories). I think it must have been around June, because thats when Toronto has the Pride Parade. Anyway while he was up there, you could see these guys... The muscular that make women drool kind screaming... 'We Love you Rickyyy'. I remember laughing and thinking it was hilarious to see such manly looking homosexual guys screaming his name like a bunch of teenage girls obsessed and in love with a star. I remember many of the people in the crowd *myself included* looking at these weird obsessed guys thinking.. come on... grow up... and stop this ridiculousness... Ricky is Straight! Well I guess after 10 years.. I have been proven WRONG He does play for their team.


  1. lol, I know exactly where you are talking about!! You're right, it IS Yonge & Dundas, and that three level HMV is still there. I feel bad for Ricky Martin. After his interview with Barbara Walters where he refused to answer the question about whether he preferred men, his career was pretty much over. Barbara Walters has since then admitted that it was a question she regretted asking. I haven't thought about the Pride Parade since I left! Man, I used to think it was so tawdry and lame. These days, I would trade limbs in to attend a parade of any kind. ha how things change after you live abroad a couple years. I feel like you wrote this post just for me. Thank you.


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