Mar 30, 2010

10 Fav Perfumes

I love perfumes, I love them! I really really love them! I now have about 80 bottles (I did some spring cleaning and gave some away to the maid). I love how some of them look, I love how they smell. I love spraying some on first thing in the morning. After I take a bath, before I go out. I spray some when i am feeling down and need a lift me up. I spray some on my pillow before I go to sleep. My daughter already has an interesting collection. My son is at about 4 so far, but my husband beats us all with well over a 150 bottles of th good stuff (yes.. he is a perfumaholic.. I wasn't so bad till I married him!!). Anyway today, I was goig through some of them, and thought I would make a post of my 10 favourite perfumes. There are some more I love, and give me memories everytime I spray them, but I thought I would try my very best to limit myself to just 10 (ok.. I added one from my purse and made it 11.. lol). I also known for mixing perfumes, I like to blend some of the Arabic Oud sents with the designer ones. There are some perfumes that myhusband has gotten made for me, but I don't know the names.. so they were not added, but I do LOVE them. I think Paris Gallery did them for us. I love the Micallef perfumes, but they are technically my husbands so I won't add them to my list either. Anyway, here are 10 of my favourite scents. BTW... I am rather picky with perfumes as well... I need to smell it fresh, and then walk around the mall with it. If by the end of my shopping trip, I still like it, then I go back and get it.

Not in any particular order...

Inside by Trussardi
J'adore by Christian Dior (my very first purchase of this wonderful scent was when it first came out, at the'Dior boutique @ Soutch Coast Plaza... I miss LA!!!)
Cascade by Chopard
Trouble by Boucheron
Palazzo by Fendi
24 Faubourg by hermes (Oldest in my list first got it when I was 16 I think.. and old strong scent)
Flowerbomb by Victor&rolf (Newest to my list but I am loving it.. yummy)
Gucci by Gucci
Aoud Queen Roses by Montale
Crystal Aoud by Montale
Black Orchid by Tom Ford (I got this one for my husband, but later liked it so much I told him it was rather feminine, and well I kept it :D so I now carry it in my purse, along with the D & G the ONE...)

Sadly... since my daughter is sick, and sleeping, I have more time to blog :P Update- She woke up and was happy to see the perfumes within reach, and made me spray her with them.. lol

BTW- Not at all happy with the iphone camera quality :(


  1. I love perfumes too! My prefer to spray them on after a bath. I have them displayed on my dresser on a mirrored tray, continuing the tradition of my paternal grandmother. My husband is a fellow perfume lover and got me into mixing scents.

    My favorite scents: Giorgio by Giorgio, Perhaps by Bob Mackie, L'air du temps by Nina Ricci, Amerige by De Givinchey and most recently Maraam by Oud Al-Arabiya

  2. Amerige is truly yummy as well! I bought that bottle the first time I went to Vegas. (I think I have lots of memories attached to my perfumes.. lol)

    I should make another blog post on Arabic Perfumes... they are heavenly as well <3

    Thanks for passing by dear :)

  3. I totally get your point with perfumes lifting your spirit up, when i'm walking sometimes, feeling so down, and a girl walks right past me and fills the air with a beautiful scent ahhhhhh i feel like i'm in heaven!! i become so happy for about 5 seconds :)

    My current favorites are:
    Parisienne by YSL and Cool Water Wave by Davidoff

  4. Om Lujain- Yes please do insha'Allah! I want to start collecting the pretty ood bottles again. I had two in Bahrain that I gave to my husband for safekeeping (yeah right) when I left for the US. One of them he bought me as a gift and was in the shape of an Arabic coffee pot from Qatar.... it was my all time favorite scent. I've got another I bought here but one of the cats knocked it off my dresser and its damaged. The glass chipped inside and destroyed the ood as well :-(

  5. My favorite perfume is Flowerbomb. My husband used to have a lot of perfumes/colognes, but he cut down his collection when he moved back to Saudi Arabia. I know he always thinks about buying more, but he usually resists. I would love to have more, but it's really an expensive thing to collect. :)


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