Feb 28, 2010

A Kiss....

I was sitting down on my favorite couch, spaced out, and thinking of what life truly had in store for me. My head was in the clouds, as I had Mansour tucked in and taking a nap, while Lujain was having lunch. I had a few moments to just ponder. The weather hasn't been helping much, and the fact that my fav chair is facing the window (a lovely site on any other days), the gloomy weather and the sand filled air is not my cup of tea. I wish I could be out on an island somewhere soaking in the sun, and just relaxing. (I LOVE the feeling of the HOT sun on my skin for short periods of time- I am known to go out in the sun for a few minutes in the HOT summer just to get that feeling on my skin, it relaxes me), from there my thoughts moved on to one thing after another, until I felt a kiss on top of my head from behind, and a "I love you mommy"*. My heart melted, and in all honesty at that moment, I wanted to me nowhere else, I was in the perfect place in my life, and I said il7amdlilah 3la kl 7al. My baby girl, with that unexpected kiss, bought hope to me, and I love her so very much.

Source: http://www.kansashealthsolutions.com/images2/daughter-kissing-mom-crop.jpg

* My daughter is well known NEVER to say the word love.. I don't know why, even when she sings along with barney she won't say love.. lol. So her words made it even more special.


  1. awwww Mashallah that is sooo sweet!!

    that is funny that she doesn't even sing the "love" word along with a song!!

    so she only says it if she means it!! Mashallah :)

  2. So cute mashAllah.. They always make our days feel perfect (when they want to anyway, lol)

  3. Twizzle.. yup.. i find it funny, but I kinda like the idea.. lol.. she won't be throwing the love word anytime soon :D

    Noor- I hear ya! Sometimes they are just too adorable, other times you wonder where they get there attitudes from (from daddy of course.. lol)


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