Feb 19, 2010

7 Random things about me...

Alrighty... I have been tagged my dearest Manal to share 7 random things about myself... so leme get to it...

1) I love to sleep in a very cold room, and cover myself with a quilt... perfect slumber!

2) As a child we never lived n one place for more then a couple of years, making it hard for me to forge lifelong friendships. And I think this may be the root of one of my problems;

3) I am awful at keeping in touch with people, I tend to take friendships lightly, and have lost many friends for that reason. I now try (not doing a great job at it) to keep in touch with people, call them more often, and try to put down the barrier I have built around me.

4) Deleted!

5) I can be an extremely stubborn person, to the point that when I am wrong, it takes me a while to face up to it, and appologise.. lol

6) I love HIGH HEELS, and am always buying them. But you rarely ever see me wearing any of the shoes I own because at 5'9" in Saudi, I already feel like a giant without adding extra inches with the high heels.

7) On of my best memories is when one of my maternal uncles suprised me and took me on a shopping spree (Allah yr7amak - May you rest in peace my dear uncle)

8) I know I am adding one...cause I am cool like that :).. but I had to add that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my babies.. even when they pee/poo/vomit on me.. lol

Ok.. How was the for random? :) Yala.. my turn to tag whoever happens upon this post to do this 7 random things post... till then.. take care :)


  1. LOL! I guess by commenting im tagging myself?

    Loved #6, i can relate :-)

  2. I love getting to know other tall people.. lol.. there should be a group dedicated to tall folks.. :)

    Thanks for passing by dear!

  3. what a nice list, i loved it, i love heels too but im average height
    xx :somalianarab.blogspot.com

  4. @Omm Lujain,

    You should move to Sweden. At 6'2" tall myself, it was one of the only place I have ever been where I felt average.

  5. It's my first time around here, and i'm really liking it so far :)

    #1 is so me!! i love that feeling, getting all curled up in bed ahhhh

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I felt like you were describing me, lol. We would be good friends bc I have the same issues as you, lol.

  8. Abu Sinan.. They I shall go visit Sweden enshallah, I want to be somewhere where I am not being stared UP at.. lol

    Bliss- thank you for visiting my blog dear.. and it is the BEST feeling.. lol.. one of my saddest moments was when I realised by baby girl HATES being covered.. I knew then and there, there would be no cuddling under blankets in a COLD room with my baby girl.. lol.. so far my son has turned out like me.. so I am happy.. lol

    Noor! why not? That would be a wonderful idea.. and u can get me to become all Martha Stewart like u :P


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