Jan 29, 2010

Its been a long time...

It's been a very long time since I have been blogging.. I have been checking out other blogs.. but didn't have the push to post anything on mine. Anyhow, its been a bit over 4 months now. So much has happened in that time.

Firstly I gave birth to  My sweet baby son Mansour, he is is now 4 months and a day old. After an gruelling hour (yup an hour) of labour he graced us with his presence on a Friday morning. His big sister Lujain has been an amazing big sister thus far, and has become mommy's little helper. I love her to pieces, may Allah bless her, and I pray that I one day will see her a mommy of her own little ones (I know, I know.. she is only 2!!!)... My husband, mother and younger sister were there for me throughout, and I want to tell them that I truly do love them, they stood by me through my emotional roller-coasters, and have stood by my side as we witnessed a blessing come into our lives.

 A picture of Lujain holding her baby brothers hand... aaa gotta love babies :)

I spent 2 months in the Eastern province with my maternal family, and enjoyed my time there, I didn't have to take care of both my kids at once the entire time (except for a couple of hours here and there). You can imagine how things were for me when I got back, and had to do everything for them myself. It's funny how people get shocked when I tell them I don't have a nanny, they think I am crazy, and should immediately run out and get one. Moving on to my next big news, we are finally moving! Yup. Moving out of my in-laws home, and into our very own villa, where I shall be the lady of the house *Yippee*, where I will be able to furnish my own home, and entertain my friends without worrying about conflicting schedules with other peoples visitors (I must say that il7amdlilah my in-laws home is very large, and you don't see one another unless you truly go out of your way to go see them).

Going back to my time in Shargiya, my dear mommy had a surgery but il7amdlilah she has fully recovered and is back to her fun travels. My younger sister went on this awesome European Encounter, I totally wanted to go, but wasn't sure travelling through Europe with a new born and a toddler as a wise decision.. lol

Lets see, in the time i was gone, we have had both our Eid celebrations, (Happy belated Eid to all!), we have had 2 New Years (Happy New Year to all), and I have grown a year older *Yikes!!*

I know I have so much more to say, but I can't sit here and type away, and there are babies calling my name (OK.. only one is.. the other is mumbling something that closely resembles MAMA so I will just take it as that... lol

Take care all... and till the next time enshallah!

My baby girl Lujain holding her baby brother Mansours foot :) I love them both to pieces, and I thank Allah daily for giving me such wonderful babies, "Mommy loves u both"

PS- I would like to thank everyone who passed by while I was away, I appreciated your comments very much <3



  1. Mabrook on the birth of your son Mansour!

  2. Allah ybarak feech.. and I wish you the best on the delivery of your baby girl enshallah.

    Thank you very much for passing by.

  3. Asalamu Alaikum, alf mabruk and welcome back! May Allah make Lujain and Mansour amongst the saliheen ameen.

  4. Asalam Alaykum MABROOK ukti mashAllah tabarak Allah..p

  5. Allah ybarak feekum... Thank you very much for your well wishes <3

  6. Soooooooooooooooo nice to see you again! Very cute pics! Thanks for sharing and a million congrats my dear!

    I just tagged you for a "Meme". Enjoy! :)

  7. Thanks Manal... I will start working on it now.. lol.. (It may take me a week to actually publish it :D :D :D)

  8. Welcome back and congratulations! I love the photos of the little feet and hands - photos like that are so special! Wishing you all the best with the newest addition to your family.

  9. Thank you soo much Susie. I have always loved baby feet.. and now that I have my own.. lol.. i just love them to pieces.. :) Thank u so much for passing by <3

  10. Oh my gosh, I totally missed this post! Huge congratulations on the birth of little Mansour; may he be blessed always. Umm Ibrahim x

  11. I just found you, and I will come again, inshallah! :))

  12. Congratulations on your new baby, your new villa and your new life.
    May your day's be filled with Love and Light.

  13. So many events going on, congrats!!
    yetrabba f3zzukum enshallah :)

  14. Braja- Thank you very much for passing by, and pls come again :)

    Umm Ibrahim- Allah ybarak feech dear

    Mr Dadtastic- Thank yo so very much for visiting my blog! I LOVE yours! I found it via facebook on the Parents page I believe! You are an amazing father, and I just wish there were more like you in this world <3

    Bliss- Thank you sooo much 7abeebti.


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