Sep 16, 2009


Well I haven't been around for a very long time, I have had my good days and my awful days while I was away. Today is a bad day, I have been very edgy as of late, getting annoyed very fast, and pretty much snapping at anyone and everyone around me! I would hate to be any of the people 'stuck' with me at the moment. I feel tired, I feel like I am just about ready to deliver my little baby. Are my pregnancy hormones making me a momzilla? If this is the case, I pray I have my baby soon, till I completely push everyone around me away for good :( Sorry Mom Sorry Hubby Sorry Sis Sorry my baby Lujain Sorry Friends I do love you all, and I am terribly sorry for how I have been as of late... I obviously won't admit it just yet to ur face, but hopefully after all is done, you will know how much I truly appreciate, and love each of you! With deepest apologies, and love....


  1. InshAllah you will deliver soon and things will change. I am sure your family understands but telling them how you feel would'nt hurt:) Wishing the best for you and your baby!

    Umm Tamim

  2. Salam Sis,
    Its so nice to hear from u after so long! Inshallah it will get better after you deliver, and i'm sure the ppl around u love u dearly and understand ur difficulty at this time. Hope to hear from u again soon, inshallah hope u have a safe delivery :)

  3. Hi Om Lujain!

    I saw one of your older comments elsewhere and was reminded of 2 things I wanted to mention to you off line.

    Please contact me at
    chiaraazlinquestion AT

    Hope all is going well with you, Lujain, Abu Lujain, and baby-in-progress!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Salaam, Insha'Allah you've had your baby and you are both in good health! Long time no blog...

  5. 思想與理論,貴呼先於行動,但行動較思想或理論更高貴..................................................

  6. Asalam Alaykum YES where have you been and Mev where are you at? Stranger I know where you have been :)..

  7. I would love to thank you all very much for your kind words..


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