May 8, 2009

Trip to a Riyadh Pet Store...

Last night we got dressed and went out. We weren't very sure about where we were heading, but found ourselves at one of the pet stores nearby. I believe it was called Pet Kingdom or something of the sort. As we pulled into one of the parking spaces in front of the shop, the owner and one of the workers were just opening up after Maghreb Prayers. I saw the owner quickly directing the worker to spray the place down. So The Indian worker started spraying the place and animals with a glade spray. When we walked in, the place smells of the aerosol spray as well as the natural stink of pets that have not been washed in a while, and have been left to urinate and poo on themselves. I was very much saddened, they looked so unhappy, yet cute :( If I wasn't pregnant I would have bought one of the cats just so that it could spend a night in relative comfort and cleanliness. The puppies were adorable, but caged up in a group of 4 or five in a small cage, giving them absolutely no room to even move if they wanted. Something that caught my attention was that the animals were not really moving around, they all looked like they were drugged up on something, and would not move at all.. I think it's either drugs or an awful case of Animal depression :( Anyway, I could not stay too long, and on our way out I saw the owner (he looked like the owner) sitting there smoking amongst the animals :( It broke my heart... and I was telling my husband that I would have loved to open a pet store with standards, where animals were taken care of, kept clean, and happy :(
I must add that I went to another pet store a few months ago, it was HUGE, and lovely.. the animals were well kept, and I left that pet store with a smile on my face :)
I have some pictures of the pets I saw last night, I was trying not to make my pictures too obvious, so I was taking them without the flash.. thus the quality is not too good...


  1. One of my biggest complaints living here in the gulf is the bad treatment of animals generally speaking. Dogs and cats in the street are more often then not abused by kids for no reason other than entertainment. Ive been into pet stores here in which the conditions were appalling...and the owner is standing there with a huge smile on his face as if the misery he has produced has no meaning...I hate it. I wish I could take them all of course.

    Of course there is always the added misery that many animals for sale in pet shops around here were once someones much loved pet...stolen and sold. Especially persian cats (anything with long hair is considered persian and they charge a fortune for it).

    Advice to anyone in Bahrain...if your pet comes up missing...head over to the Friday Market in Isa Town...your likely to find it for sale there...there are far too many grown "persian" cats there and pedigree looking dogs for the sort of traffic the market attracts. Im just saying.

  2. I was sadden by these pictures; and Coolred is correct about the treatment I have seen of animals- cat and dogs in the ME... the only place I saw true commitment to their animals was in my husband's tribe- because in those mountains their are wild animals that lurk in the night and are dangerous, they keep dogs leashed to the perimeter of their compounds- but their leashes were very long and gave them lots of space to move around; and all were kept by trees that shaded them during the day- and were always well fed. Those inside the compounds were left free to roam around the compound but the children never abused them in any way- on the contrary food and water was always made available to those dogs in particular was so attached to me it always walked a few feet ahead of me as a watcher, guardian to the perils of living so high up (we are talking 8 to 9 thousand feet above sea level in some cases- we in the higher range)... but what a shame to see these creatures in stores so penned up they loose their vitality and just lay down in defeat...that is what they seemed- defeated.

  3. Oh, we had an experience with Pet Stores in Riyadh. Three days ago we bought two baby bunnies for our son. Cute , little,white snowballs... One died the very next day, we got another one, it died the next day also. One is keeping alive, but seems to have a lot of drooling. I do not know, how long this one will last...
    There is obviously some contageous disease going among the bunnies, I am sure, that cats have some health problems too. Somewhat they did not look healthy to me.
    Poor, poor creatures...

  4. It is very sad how people disregard animals as nothing. What is sad, is that Islam actually teaches us to be good to animals. Iltreatment of them can send a person straight to hell.

    Anyway, I really wish we could have Petco here! Or atleast at the same standards, where annimals were given their shots, and were actually ready to live with a family. Now I understand why many people I know buy their pets abroad and then bring them into the Kingdom.

    Thanks for passing by all :)

  5. I don't get how people can be so inhumane to animals. The major pet-shops here are decent but the same can't be applied to the smaller ones. The stench is unspeakable of and I find it perplexing that the workers can condone to working under these conditions.

  6. I have been to that pet store. I went once and started crying and could never go back again. That white cat and the other cats were so sad, they had crust in their eyes. My dh even mentioned it to them 'why dont you clean their eyes its bad for them' they said they get dirty again so why bother. HARAM. The snakes were throw next to the rabbits. The dogs were crying and a worker kicked it hard. That store is the worst place I ever saw in my life, sad...

  7. Assalamu aleikum,

    That was absolutely heartbreaking. The only consolation I got was that the owner/operators of that pet shop will have to answer to Allah SWT on the Day of Judgement for abusing those animals. So sad. Thank you for posting and please keep blogging.

  8. Hi,

    i live in Riyadh and own a labrador retriever. I am looking for another dog owner who is interested to make a dog sitting deal i.e. take turns on sitting each other dog in holidays etc.

    anyone interested.


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