May 2, 2009


What ever happened to having some quality family time? Enjoying things as a family? Here in Riyadh it's not that easy to keep that family unit as one. Where fun parks are separated, the zoo has different hours for men and women, where a family (husband, wife and children) CAN NOT go on an outing together without facing one of the parents being booted out do to strict regulations. It leaves us with Malls and Restaurants, and quite frankly I have eaten at probably every (clean) restaurant here in Riyadh, have shopped at every mall in Riyadh, and I am sick of it! I want to enjoy other things with my family. I would love to go to the zoo with my children AND husband where we could introduce my daughter to the animals together. I would love to go to a fun park and go on the rides (when my daughter is obviously older) with my ENTIRE family. Not being forced to bid my husband goodbye at the main gate and go about our family time sans husband/father. This all annoys me to death! And what has pushed it for me is an article I read on the Saudi gazette, where they talked about the increase of people wanting Cinemas in the Kingdom. And of course some idiots had to bring in the male and female days to see a bloody film! Once again, they want to move forward yet take 30 steps back, and not allow a family to enjoy time together. I have no problem with having family days, but to sit there are completely separate men and woman, thus separating brothers and sister, husbands and wives, etc is truly getting to me! Anyway, enough ranting for now!


  1. Makes you feel as if a dimension of your life is missing, doesn't it?! I sure would want to go to everywhere with my family to enjoy; talk; learn and explore- a shame Saudi Arabia that so wants the family together -so separates it by technicalities....

    The family that prays together is not the only reason it stays together...its these other details as well...

    hope this comment doesn't get duplicated...oy!

  2. come over to the EP where we don't do that.. we are kind of normal.. if you can call anything normal here :)

    of course from the EP take a ride over the bridge and go to the movies in bahrain.

  3. i think you only know how to rant and whine?

  4. WBM- Was that a question or a statement? :)

  5. Hello! I must say I really admire you for your comments on your blog. I didn't realise that Saudi women were beginning to get frustrated with their situation. I have never been one to discredit different cultures to my own, so I tend to stay away from criticising them. But I really think you are an interesting person. I am a South African woman, and I am planning on moving to Riyadh. It would be wonderful to meet! Forgive me if it is very forward of me to suggest. I am not familiar with your cultural practices. Anyway, I am planning on moving in October, if I get the job I am applying for. So what do you think? Catherine

  6. I totally agree with you about the enforced segregation of men and women here and how it cuts families apart from enjoying things together, AS A FAMILY! I get really tired of having no activities to do together except basically shop.


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