May 10, 2009

Go on... Slap her!

I have taken many women's study courses in university, and remember reading a particular book on the abuse of wives by their husband. I remember reading many women making excuses for their husbands, claiming they deserved to be abused, as they did something wrong. I remember clearly thinking, no person has the right to abuse anyone, for any reason. Now this morning I read an article on Arab News where a Saudi Judge made a comment to a panel concerning abuse. He actually made the following comment;
"If a person gives SR1,200 to his wife and she spends SR900 to purchase an abaya (the black gown) from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment,” said Judge Hamad Al-Razine.
I must say that I was initially in shock as I read those words, but as I continued to think, I found where my shock actually lay. It wasn't the comment within itself, but rather WHO made the comment. A Judge! A Judge that has the power to make a change in society, a Judge who holds justice in his hands, a Judge that can make or break a persons life. To think of all the women who have stood up to their abuser, and were given a slap in their face by a judge of this caliber, giving abuse an excuse. Allowing a man to slap his wife, because she spends money he has given her as she pleases. I just hope that such frames of mind change, for if any country is to move forwards, they must put a stop to any abuse, any discrimination, any wrongs that are committed to helpless people .
I have nothing else to add, I just hope that change does happen, and that the change is for the best enshallah.
Oh Yeah... Have a Happy Mothers Day all... :)


  1. It's sad how often we hear stories like these coming out of Arab/Muslim countries, even from supposedly educated people like judges. I guess in the end he's a man first, judge second. What's sad is that some women will actually think he's right and that they deserve that kind of treatment.

  2. I was over at Nzingha's and read something about this. SubhanAllah, it makes me angry. I am so glad that I'm in the U.S. so this can't happen. Those poor wives that aren't! I hope they change the law as they would save state money for shelters and counseling if they did! Great post, and love you dear.

  3. Oi. Parabéns pelo excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

  4. The most ridiculous and outrageous things are said by officials and scholars in Saudi. I met a young Saudi girl in a coffee shop here in Toronto and asked her if she's going back to visit soon, and she said she never wants to go back. Gee, I wonder why....

  5. what about the emotional and psychological abuse of husbands/boy friends by women? I see that women have gone too far in exaggerating the violence they suffer from males. yes it is there but it has been blown out of proportion relative to the emotional torture of males by females.

  6. Orchidthief: What is your point by giving that comment of a Saudi girl? I am in Toronto and I want to escape this place as soon as possible after finishing my education. Most probably I will move back to my home country i.e. Saudi. So, by your logic, Toronto has some serious problems then.

  7. Wahabi Backward Mullah... You do have a point.. and I won't disagree, there are many cases of Men being abused by Women(I have seen it first hand)... yet I must add that the abuse from men towards woman is at a much higher scale 9not to say we ignore the former)... but this particular post was about what a certain person said... about an issue that is real here in Saudi and in many parts of the world... il7amdlilah I have a husband who has never raised his hand towards me, nor has he ever raised his voice at me... yet others are not as lucky... anyway.. thank you for your input, and thanks for passing by...

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  9. what is wrong with these people! no wonder a lot of people out there think saudi men are beasts, because of how just a hdful of men behave

    reminds me of the Rania Al-Baz incident.

    (sorry about my previous comment btw) :)


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