May 26, 2009

6 freakin am!!!

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Rants There are renovations being done here. The exterior of the house is being completely redone, meaning I had to endure days of Paint removal (They did it with a torch!!!) Then now I have do endure the banging to make the wall all even in order to get it ready for the new walls. So for the last 4 days I have been woken up at 6 freakin AM with banging. Why are they concentrating on the walls around my direct bedroom.. I mean come on.. the home is bloody HUGE start with another section already!!! So it's safe to say that I have been going nuts... I had a huge breakdown this morning, where I cried, and started throwing things on the wall.. :D I cursed the workers as well (May Allah NOT accept those curses, they were made at a very bad time when I was ready to kill them with my bare hands!!!) Anyway, if they do wake me up at 6am 2morrow morning, I should not be blamed for what I do!
On a different note, I made this thing called Jubiniya for the first time... I didn't get them to look perfect just yet, but they tasted good enough :)
1/2 glass of cheese (You can use any of those creamy cheeses they sell in cans, I believe I used the PUK or mara3i one)
1/2 Gahwa (Arabian coffee) cup which I think would be about 2 tablespoons or so
1 tbs of yeast
1 egg
a tsp of vanilla
  • Mix the above ingredients and leave it for an hour.
  • Add flour, I think it ended up being about 3/4 cup of flour,. You add it a little at a time, you don't want the mixture to be hard, you want it to be soft, and a little sticky.
  • Roll out the mixture, and cut into whatever shapes you want.
  • Heat oil up, and put the shapes in, be sure to cover them with oil as well by splashing over it with the hot oil with a spoon, so that if gets puffs out.
  • Let it turn golden brown, and take it out and place on paper towels to absorb the oil.

  • When done you cover them with the sugar mix (heat up sugar, water, a LITTLE lemon, and a tsp of vanilla till it looks like syrup)
Serve and enjoy with some coffee, or tea :)


  1. I'm just worried for you about paint fumes, but since it's on the exterior it's okay I guess.

    Oh that would drive me crazy, and when you add the hormones, yikes! The good thing is that pretty soon you will have the house of your dreams. Keep up your spirits habibty, the balls look so yummy.

  2. Asalam Alaykum, subhanAllah how funny I am making this right now. My recipe is a lot differant also this is actually called 'fullah', 'jubniah' is this same thing but baked!!!

  3. Lisa- The fumes are not bad.. the only thing that got to me was when they used a blow torch to get rid of the old paint from around the windows... that took about 10 minutes, ands the place aired out. I didn't even smell the paint, and was shocked to see that they finished the wall where my bedroom is situated. The rest of the house will take loads of time! you are always sweet.. I pray things go well for u (I try to check your blog out as much as I can)

    Noor- That is totally cool! For some odd reason my sister-in-law calls it jibiniya... but yala.. whatever it is.. it tasted nice... But I must say the health nut in me is LOVING the idea of the baked one! I would love the recipe if you could spare it!

    Thanks for passing by girls <3

  4. Wow you screamed at your workers and threw things at the wall because you were woken up early? Why dont you instead be happy that you have a house that can be remodelled, and learn to ask your workers to kindly focus on another part of the house. Subhanallah, no wonder Saudis have a bad reputation.

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