May 26, 2009

6 freakin am!!!

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Rants There are renovations being done here. The exterior of the house is being completely redone, meaning I had to endure days of Paint removal (They did it with a torch!!!) Then now I have do endure the banging to make the wall all even in order to get it ready for the new walls. So for the last 4 days I have been woken up at 6 freakin AM with banging. Why are they concentrating on the walls around my direct bedroom.. I mean come on.. the home is bloody HUGE start with another section already!!! So it's safe to say that I have been going nuts... I had a huge breakdown this morning, where I cried, and started throwing things on the wall.. :D I cursed the workers as well (May Allah NOT accept those curses, they were made at a very bad time when I was ready to kill them with my bare hands!!!) Anyway, if they do wake me up at 6am 2morrow morning, I should not be blamed for what I do!
On a different note, I made this thing called Jubiniya for the first time... I didn't get them to look perfect just yet, but they tasted good enough :)
1/2 glass of cheese (You can use any of those creamy cheeses they sell in cans, I believe I used the PUK or mara3i one)
1/2 Gahwa (Arabian coffee) cup which I think would be about 2 tablespoons or so
1 tbs of yeast
1 egg
a tsp of vanilla
  • Mix the above ingredients and leave it for an hour.
  • Add flour, I think it ended up being about 3/4 cup of flour,. You add it a little at a time, you don't want the mixture to be hard, you want it to be soft, and a little sticky.
  • Roll out the mixture, and cut into whatever shapes you want.
  • Heat oil up, and put the shapes in, be sure to cover them with oil as well by splashing over it with the hot oil with a spoon, so that if gets puffs out.
  • Let it turn golden brown, and take it out and place on paper towels to absorb the oil.

  • When done you cover them with the sugar mix (heat up sugar, water, a LITTLE lemon, and a tsp of vanilla till it looks like syrup)
Serve and enjoy with some coffee, or tea :)
May 18, 2009

Don’t use religion to justify abuse!

Don’t use religion to justify abuse! Its great to see that things are moving forward, and that the issue of abuse is being discussed. As the article states, many do not know their rights here in the Kingdom, and many use Religion to give a green light to the abuse the endure on their families. I hope that awareness is brought to the common people, and that they learn that abuse is simply not acceptable. I just wanted to add this article in light to the previous post I made on the slapping issue. I think that comment took over the entire dialogue, and drew attention from where it was needed.
May 10, 2009

Go on... Slap her!

I have taken many women's study courses in university, and remember reading a particular book on the abuse of wives by their husband. I remember reading many women making excuses for their husbands, claiming they deserved to be abused, as they did something wrong. I remember clearly thinking, no person has the right to abuse anyone, for any reason. Now this morning I read an article on Arab News where a Saudi Judge made a comment to a panel concerning abuse. He actually made the following comment;
"If a person gives SR1,200 to his wife and she spends SR900 to purchase an abaya (the black gown) from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment,” said Judge Hamad Al-Razine.
I must say that I was initially in shock as I read those words, but as I continued to think, I found where my shock actually lay. It wasn't the comment within itself, but rather WHO made the comment. A Judge! A Judge that has the power to make a change in society, a Judge who holds justice in his hands, a Judge that can make or break a persons life. To think of all the women who have stood up to their abuser, and were given a slap in their face by a judge of this caliber, giving abuse an excuse. Allowing a man to slap his wife, because she spends money he has given her as she pleases. I just hope that such frames of mind change, for if any country is to move forwards, they must put a stop to any abuse, any discrimination, any wrongs that are committed to helpless people .
I have nothing else to add, I just hope that change does happen, and that the change is for the best enshallah.
Oh Yeah... Have a Happy Mothers Day all... :)
May 8, 2009

Trip to a Riyadh Pet Store...

Last night we got dressed and went out. We weren't very sure about where we were heading, but found ourselves at one of the pet stores nearby. I believe it was called Pet Kingdom or something of the sort. As we pulled into one of the parking spaces in front of the shop, the owner and one of the workers were just opening up after Maghreb Prayers. I saw the owner quickly directing the worker to spray the place down. So The Indian worker started spraying the place and animals with a glade spray. When we walked in, the place smells of the aerosol spray as well as the natural stink of pets that have not been washed in a while, and have been left to urinate and poo on themselves. I was very much saddened, they looked so unhappy, yet cute :( If I wasn't pregnant I would have bought one of the cats just so that it could spend a night in relative comfort and cleanliness. The puppies were adorable, but caged up in a group of 4 or five in a small cage, giving them absolutely no room to even move if they wanted. Something that caught my attention was that the animals were not really moving around, they all looked like they were drugged up on something, and would not move at all.. I think it's either drugs or an awful case of Animal depression :( Anyway, I could not stay too long, and on our way out I saw the owner (he looked like the owner) sitting there smoking amongst the animals :( It broke my heart... and I was telling my husband that I would have loved to open a pet store with standards, where animals were taken care of, kept clean, and happy :(
I must add that I went to another pet store a few months ago, it was HUGE, and lovely.. the animals were well kept, and I left that pet store with a smile on my face :)
I have some pictures of the pets I saw last night, I was trying not to make my pictures too obvious, so I was taking them without the flash.. thus the quality is not too good...


What ever happened to having some quality family time? Enjoying things as a family? Here in Riyadh it's not that easy to keep that family unit as one. Where fun parks are separated, the zoo has different hours for men and women, where a family (husband, wife and children) CAN NOT go on an outing together without facing one of the parents being booted out do to strict regulations. It leaves us with Malls and Restaurants, and quite frankly I have eaten at probably every (clean) restaurant here in Riyadh, have shopped at every mall in Riyadh, and I am sick of it! I want to enjoy other things with my family. I would love to go to the zoo with my children AND husband where we could introduce my daughter to the animals together. I would love to go to a fun park and go on the rides (when my daughter is obviously older) with my ENTIRE family. Not being forced to bid my husband goodbye at the main gate and go about our family time sans husband/father. This all annoys me to death! And what has pushed it for me is an article I read on the Saudi gazette, where they talked about the increase of people wanting Cinemas in the Kingdom. And of course some idiots had to bring in the male and female days to see a bloody film! Once again, they want to move forward yet take 30 steps back, and not allow a family to enjoy time together. I have no problem with having family days, but to sit there are completely separate men and woman, thus separating brothers and sister, husbands and wives, etc is truly getting to me! Anyway, enough ranting for now!
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