Apr 26, 2009

Why am I always tired?

I have started to notice that I am always tired. The thing is, I SLEEP, I truly sleep. My baby girl has been good the last while, and sleeps about 12 hours - even if she wakes up once, I still get my fair amount of sleep. To be perfectly honest I think I may even sleep too much. The issue here is after 10 hours of sleep, I wake up tired, and really feeling like I can't get out of bed... that I need the extra few hours and sleep some more. Of course that never happens, as I get up and get things ready for my daughter. But what can this be? I remember I used to sleep 6-7 hours before and would wake up fresh and ready to face the day. I barely do anything anymore, after i finish a few chores I have, I have the rest of the day to do nothing. My daughter is either busy playing, or watching TV (I am trying to limit her TV these days, I have noticed that I have become one of those mothers that allow the TV to raise my baby :s) I still don't know how my elder sister did it, she raised 4 kids without a TV, and HOME schooling masha'allaah... I truly have immense respect for that lady! Anyway, My to do list for today is to return this top I got from Zara, Its a nice silk top, but I am pretty sure that my pregnancy belly won't let it fit for more then a few days.. lol.. SO return to the store it goes, and I need to seriously start buying actual Maternity clothing and stop being so bloody hard headed.. lol I finally got a screener copy of he's just not that into you, so I will probably watch it in segments some time today *Yippie* That's all for now... ciao!


  1. hi- check your vitamin B12 and your haemoglobin. Good Luck!!


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