Apr 19, 2009

Not much going on...

Hey folks... All is fine and dandy in Rio. The weather is still awful! The sand has yet to subside. The heat is on. And its allergies for me :( So lemme see what I have been up to in my Casa :) My daughter has grown taller she is nearly 36 inches tall now! (Yes very tall for a 21 month old baby girl) ... guess she plans on taking after her 5'9" mama :D Il7amdlilah she is healthy, she has added many words to her vocab some that are absolutely adorable... I am trying very hard not to say the wrong words, as she has become a little parrot that enjoy repeating some words I say.. lol I have gone on a nice shopping spree for her, and this girls wardrobe is rather impressive! But my baby girl deserves the best even if she will grow out of this current wardrobe in a blink of an eye.. lol I have had another ultrasound.. and the unknown answer is now known :) I am excited... but hubby does not want me spilling the beans... So I shall keep the known answer unknown to the blogosphere.. lol. its amazing how much the baby is growing, and this time around, i am already showing @ about 16 weeks... my last pregnancy didn't show a thing till I was nearly 6 months pregnant... sooo maternity shopping is something i need to do... I just hate the boring looking maternity clothing i have found. I need to go to Centria Mall as I recall seeing this store that carries some cute stylish maternity wear... just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I need to look boring.. right? My husband, daughter and I, went to Mirage - a nice Chinese restaurant we have here in Riyadh.. and my daughter LOVED the fish... she kept staring at all the fish... and wouldn't even stay seated in our little booth/room as she was busy staring at the fish in the aquariums that acted as walls. I definitely need to take a proper pic next time I go enshallah. Oooo.. back to my daughter.. she is addicted to two movies... and I am HAPPY.. not as much Barney is playing.. and I seriously needed a break! She is in LOVE with Madagascar 2, and Daddy Daycare.. lol... To be honest.. I enjoy watching it.. even after the umpteenth time.. :D As I am sitting here typing, my baby girl came up to me with a paddle brush and is attempting to brush my hair... I LOVE IT... I have even taught to give me a massage! My little baby girl is already taking care of me... Ok... I better get going for now.... as its time to get lunch ready for her enshallah... Take care...

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