Apr 25, 2009

My Dear Hubby...

It was my husbands birthday a few days ago... so not to do anything big.. as he isn't big on birthdays, I got a cake and suprised him with it at our friends place. It was nice. The cake was DELICIOUS!!! (TRY THE New Galaxy cake from Saadadin (if ur in saudi)... it was sooo wonderful... and every bite made me feel like I was in HEAVEN!!!.. lol My baby girl was happy.. she loved the candles... and even tried to touch it... resulting in an 'ahhhhh' and making faces, running to me and hiding behind me.. lol.. She has learnt a new lesson... NOT to play with fire :) I will leave you with a picture of the cake (above).. mind you I have tried cakes from many different places... from the more expensive the cheaper ones... this one was AWSOME... pretty great cake, for a pretty good price.. YUMMILICIOUS... I think I will request it for Mothers day.. hehehe

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