Apr 20, 2009

I was one of THOSE mothers... :(

Have you ever been out, and seen one of those mothers with those unruly kids... the kids you swear would NEVER act like that if you were there parent. The kids that scream so bloody loud you want to just ring them in the neck until they shut up! You know those kids that you see the mom pleading with.. begging them to behave? Well tonight, I was lucky enough to become of THOSE mothers... :( I was sooo angry, I was sooo bloody embarrassed, and I just wanted to dig myself in a hole and disappear. I saw all those other mothers giving me the look of pity, those judging eyes following me around the mall, till I headed for the parking lot and got my little girl into her car seat, and got the hell out of there! Anyway, she was perfectly fine at first, we went to a few stores, her dad got her a new piano from the ELC, and she allowed us to check some things out at the LV and bottega stores.. so she was being pretty good at first. Then we met up with a friend of mine and her husband and daughter. My daughter was happy and I had nearly forgotten she had not taken her nap that afternoon, knowing that soon enough she would either fall asleep or get all cranky. Anyway after we had dinner we separated ways, and that is when all the above began. I became one of those mother... me?!?!?!? Anyhow.. she is now peacefully sleeping in her crib, and n la la land. I am here and getting ready to watch a few episodes of bones... till hubby gets home, and then we can go to sleep, and I can get up nice and early and make him a nice birthday breakfast.... So till the next time.. I am out of here...


  1. Ha, I KNEW I will eventually become one of them! (inshaAllah that was)

    I take pride in staying calm with the terrible toddler at the mall all flat on the floor or carrying them kicking and screaming back where I came from.
    And, whenever I see mums doing that, I try to remember to give them a compassionate word or a hand if needed because I know that when you have something else on your shoulders too, a cranky toddler on top of all that just stinks. I am not able to excel in this everytime (I have my horror group too!!!) but I give it a try.

    Kids do sometimes misbehave and they can have little excuses too, but I think we mums should be a little bit more supportive for each other inshaAllah.

    I think you being pregnant she is really giving you a handful and wallah sis I recommend you to forget about other people...

    Don't you just love toddlers!!!!! :-P

  2. I dont have kids yet but i'm really scared of all toddler horror stories (and occasionally i baby sit my 2.5 y/o nephew that drives me craaazy!) i guess i have to read and absorb tons of literature on this subject lool

  3. So not new with our family, been there done it a thousand times. They now proceed to tag team me when we are out but I'm beyond the point of caring that people stare. Those that stare too much I ask "You want one? I'm giving them away for free!" they just smile and go on their way.

    No nap and you were asking for it. And when their tanks get to E that is a whole other ordeal which is simply fixed with juice and a snack. My favorites are the tantrums of the "I wants" I simply walk away. I've left kids in stores and have hid not far away so they will eventually get themselves together. All part of the wonderful job of mothering. :)

  4. LOL wow!!! I'm just like that! (and i thought i was the only one..)
    I have very little patience with kids like that so I guesss I'm in for a horrible surprise when i have some of my own!

    Btw - i loved ur last comment on my blog, it was so nice that i pressed the "reject" instead of the "publish" button and it dissapeared :(

  5. I have been one on a few occassions:-(

  6. Welcome to the

    "Oh God!! Your One of Those Moms" club...membership is simple...have a kid...just one will do...then you have a lifetime membership which has its own rewards...and a few penalties.

    *hint hint rewards far outweigh the penalties...just so you know*

    I learned from my mother to just walk away....the worst screaming tantrum in the world can be stopped in an instant...when that child realizes they are not getting attention from mom...and in fact mom "has left the building"...hard to throw a screaming fit when your running flat out trying to not get left behind. Works for me.

    And I dont let other peoples looks bother me...they arent taking my hellion home so why the care.

  7. This absolutely *terrifies* me. But thanks for sharing!!

  8. I like how you handled it though sometimes, I recall wishing I could stay put. This type of behavior usually happened in restaurants, and I ended up with tons of to-go boxes.

    But, sometimes it's so bad that you have to make a fast exit. Congrats too on the pregnancy! She probably senses the changes and has her own tiny hormones if you will. Mashallah.

    Love you dearly sister. Glad that everything is peaceful again.

  9. I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for sharing with me... It reminds me that I am not alone lol.... I guess its something I need to work on.... I will find a way to ensure that this does not happen often... enshallah... :)

    Thanks again for passing by <3


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