Apr 2, 2009

Happy Days...

About a month ago I was in Shargiya with my sister and hubby, we were doing some shopping at Rashed Mall, and once we finished the shopping, we took my little girl to the play area. She is a hopeless case and is scared of all the rides. I believe this roots from my half sane cousin grabbing her from my arms a few weeks earlier and running off to a mini roller coaster ride -that goes in really fast circles in an um and down motion. My baby girl was ready to cry but was scared, her little face was going through an array of emotions (non of which were happy) I screamed at the controller to stop- in which he stopped right away. I gave him a scolding- he allowed an 18 month old on a ride that strictly prohibits anyone under the age of 5!. Anyway I scolded my cousin, and I have since been sure not to let her anywhere near his crazy 16 year old self! Anyhow, going back to that day with my hubby, he filled up the card with credit, and I ended up using most of it on those photo booths, and the sort. No rides for my little girl, she got freaked out on the smallest of rides (the ones meant for babies like herself). Anyway, as we were walking my sister and I noticed a ride that was big enough for us, and we scurried off to go on it. Once we were buckled in, the ride began, and what can I say? It was fun? It was going very fast and in an up and down motion (probably not the best for my pregnancy!) but my sister and I were giggling and laughing like little girls once again- something I haven't done in such a long time. My baby girl was standing there crying for she could not figure out why I was making so much noise, she was truly scared for me.. she just didn't realise that I was just happy.. lol... The feeling was great, not merely because I was on a ride that was just simply fun, but I loved the fact that for a few moments I could be that person I lost so long ago. Euphoria I tell you! That small ride in the middle of a mall made me giggle like I haven't in such a long time (i went back on 2 more times) and I loved it! I miss being a child! I miss being young and carefree. I miss doing anything I wanted to without really giving it a second thought. I miss the feeling of truly being happy and laughing as loud as I want without being hushed or given an awkward look. I miss those good old days when I didn't really worry about consequences. When I thought life was to be lived to its fullest, and was supposed to be a life surrounded with friends, and smiles, and pure joy! I miss dreaming about my future, the prince I would marry, the home I would build, the happy days filled with even happier people. As I have grown, I have seen my list of friends go drastically down, many have been removed from the list for showing their true colours.. and only being around for me when I was up and happy, without a worry in the world. The sniff of anything else had them running for the door. I remember the dreams I had for my big day.. I planned to have 3 days of celebrations.. one would be on the beach, the next would be in a garden, and the last was supposed to be in a nice wedding hall. I didn't do any of them. I had a small gathering of family and friends, and had my big day that way- rather uneventful as compared to the colourful celebrations I had planned as a younger girl. I have grown to realise that things are never as they seem, what you want is not what you get, but we shall all remain content with what we have in our life. I love my husband, and love my little baby girl even more. So I guess those dreams would have taken me away from my path to them.... nevertheless those happy days shall remain in my head, keep me smiling when I truly feel down...


  1. salam aleykum sis!

    i can feel your pain lol but what i think is that we have to make a child inside us happy from time to time, do crazy things, laugh out loud, chew 5 bubble gums at once and blow the bubble size of a melon lol stuff like this, you know?

  2. oh sis!
    What more can i say. May Allah give you happy days and bursting joy with your loved ones Allah has placed on your way.

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Amazingly, reading your post made me feel as though I was reading my own feelings on the screen!

    It's so good that you got to have that moment on the ride. May you have many more! :)

  4. I can never get over how elaborate these rides are at the malls. I've always wanted to go skating at the Faisaliah but could never convince my hubby to go with me.

    It's important to forget your responsibilities now and then, and those moments are priceless. I hope you have more of them!

  5. Assalaamalaikum dear,
    Chanced upon ur blog and boy am I glad for it? U have such a wonderful way of expressing urself mashallah.. Ur posts touched my heartstrings and I feel we both have a lot in common when it comes to reminiscing about childhood.. :)
    Best wishes,

  6. I want to write lot but think few words cann't describe all...........so it is good to write nothing.........ok..........


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