Mar 29, 2009

What does the future hold?

I have been pondering for some time about what the future holds for me and my family. Will we be living in Riyadh? Will we be abroad? If we live in Riyadh, which schools will I send my daughter (and unborn child) to? I would like them to go to a school where they would learn both English and Arabic. My husband wants to send them to an Arabic Private school, preferably the one he went to; Riyadh School. And he is quite adamant about it. But I personally feel that such a decision should be made by both of us, and we should both be comfortable with the final decision. I want to be part of the process. I want my child to go to a school, where she will have play time, where she will have Physical Education, where she can have art classes, and of course get everything else the school has to offer. I would like to send my daughter to the Montessori Pre-School, not just because I went to it as a child, but because I truly find the education taught is valuable for a young child. I would like my daughter to socialise and play, yet learn as much as she can at her tender age. I am not asking for a baby Einstein, I just want her to have all the good things available to her. On other areas of life, we are still living under my father-in-law's roof. My husband has promised that we would be moving out and getting our own place well before I am due (In October). SO keep your fingers crossed for me, and pray that I will have my own place to welcome my new baby in, and LuLu can run about and enjoy her young life to the fullest :)


  1. Mabrook on ur latest updates! Masha'allah, I'm really happy that u'll have ur own place to welcome ur newest arrival! Btw, i was reading ur earlier post about the girls on Olaya St - very amusing indeed, i wish i could've witnessed something like that for myself!

  2. I can identify with what you wrote. I don't live in Saudi, but face a problem similar to yours. The Islamic schools here in South Africa focus so much on Islamic education that they neglect the other aspects of a child's development, such as sports, arts, etc.

  3. Saudi men and their idea of what edcuation should be really not getting the realities of how it is all messed up until their kids are in there.

    I really don't know about the Riyadh area but my advice, as a mom whose been there, keep pushing for a dual language school. One that has strong Arabic and strong English (although you'll probably find yourself supplamenting Saudi education at home anyway) Remind him the entire world speaks english, business is done in english, good english is something he probably had to struggle to learn as your child will be given it. There are some things a mother shouldn't give into a father on.. dictating education by him is one of them.

    inshallah you'll get a nice place that your family will be happy and blessed in. It is difficult living with inlaws there is nothing better than having your own space even if it is a box :)

  4. iA the future hold what is best and most beneficial to you in both this life and in the next don't ponder too much because in your dreaming about the future you just might miss out on the present.


    P.S. we all suffer such issues in our own way, and I'm in America

  5. Thank you all for your comments... they were mch appreciated <3


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