Mar 26, 2009

Sleepless in Riyadh...

Its one of those nights again... I lay in bed and twist and turn, fluff and re fluff my pillow endless times. I try to change positions, and I can't get to my final destination- SLEEP! After trying to lay there for hours and bore myself to sleep, I got out of bed, and watched 2 episodes of CSI Miami, then attempted to get back into bed and sleep. Still nothing.. nada... It has nothing to do with the pregnancy... so my little heartthrob isn't to blame. After twisting and turning some more, I got up and have done every bloody quiz imaginable on facebook! So now I have learnt countless things which include; my real age is supposedly 17, my true age is supposedly 23, I should be living in the country, and my American accent is a Northern one. I have read all the newspapers I could imagine, There has been a fire in Toronto which left a mother and her 4 year old dead... they want to combine the GST and PST in Toronto as one tax (interesting.. why not lower it a bit as well ;)) and still have not been able to sleep. Pre-Mommy hood this would have been OK, I could just sleep the entire day once sleep finally came to me... but not anymore. I shall stay awake until my dear daughter takes her nap- and if I can fit in that 1 1/2 hour of sleep... I will be a happy camper! Anyhoo, Its 8:30am.. and I am gonna try to count some sheep or whatever can help me get some shut eye... So From Riyadh, I shall say Good night (or shall I bid you a Good Morning!!!)


  1. Oh, I know what you mean about not being able to catch up on sleep during the day... my little one keeps me up all day... sometimes she won't even nap.. !!

  2. i had a self enduced bout of insomnia once...i drank a redbull out of curiosity...i was wide awake for nearly 3 days...i couldnt keep my eyes shut to save my life. it was a horrible experience and i dont know how people can drink those things on a regular basis...the crash on day 3 was total and complete...ugh.

    good luck counting those sheep...but i always found sheep a tad to noisy...try

  3. oh I know what you mean about not being able to sleep and then having the day drag and drag with the kids wrap around your legs..

  4. I slept a good hour and a half after I logged off.. lol.. The counting sheep didn't work, I just covered myself completely and closed my eyes till I finally fell asleep! My daughter got up at around 10am, I tried to ignore her for a bit, but finally got up! (And she refused her Nap that day!!!) So Faith Confusion... I feel ur pain.. lol

    Coolred.. Redbull.. Yuk! I don't know how people drink that stuff.. i had ONE SIP once.. and I could not sleep most of the night, I was wide awake.. lol.. and that's from ONE sip.. so I can just imagine what would happen if I drank the entire can!

    Mistaka... you feel my pain! lol


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