Mar 25, 2009

I want ketchup chips!!!

I have been going nuts for several things the last week. There are some that I have readily found, and some that are simply not here :(

I have been seriously craving Ketchup chips! The real kind I used to indulge in back home. Not the crap they sell here :( My sister nearly brought it to me, but forgot it in the bloody taxi in Abu Dhabi... so yes.. I am seriously disappointed :( I tried to order it online... and Aramex supposedly doesn't ship food.. so I am disappointed!

Source: I have been craving for some good old Popsicles.. but have yet to find one that actually tastes decent.. my poor husband went to the supermarket and got me every type he could find.. and none of them were right! ( Imagine me tasting it, and throwing it in the sink to melt!) Source- Just this morning I woke up wanting a good old funnel cake.. the kind I used to eat at Canada's wonderland.... ooo what I would do for just a bit! Source: My last pregnancy was nothing like this... I had no cravings.. (no real ones)... but this pregnancy.. I my mouth has been wanting specific things.. the sad thing is... its craving foods I don't have here.. lol The joys of pregnancy! Maybe I should travel back to Toronto just for my cravings..


  1. There is really nothing in the world that substitutes for funnel cake, is there? Beaver Tails are close, but they're not quite there. I've made excuses to go to Canada's Wonderland in the past for the specific purpose of getting this stuff. And ain't it the truth that ketchup chips here don't taste anything like the real stuff??? I sympathize with you...

  2. I am trying to make my own funnel cake now.. lol.. Lets see if it comes even close to the real thing!

    The Ketchup chips here should be against the law! I don't know where they get the ingredients from... aahhh.. Now I want Ketchup powder for my popcorn :(


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