Mar 16, 2009

Ahhh.. she is growing up :)

My baby girl is growing up, she had me laughing like a mad woman twice yesterday! First time was when I for no particular reason took one of her Barney's and threw it across the room. She gave me the look of death, and sat there trying to get something to say to me... I was waiting for her usual babble and MAMA.. lol.. but what she said surprised me! She looked me right int he eyes, and said "WHY?!". I was in shock, and was sooo happy to see her actually speaking what she felt, even if it was ONE word.. lol.. I got up and got her Barney back to her, and said SORRY :) The second time was last night, just as I was putting her to sleep, she was pointing and trying to get me to give her something with her little babble. I looked at her and said.. LuLu say Please, she looks me straight in the eyes and says 'NO!'. Once again, I was in shock, and laughed! I know, I know, I shouldn't let her get used to talking like that to me, but it was her first time, and I was just in awe... my baby girl @ 20 months is talking back to me :D aaahhh.. I was expecting it in her teeny bopper years, but boy has she started early :) I love her to pieces.. and she just makes my day, she has started saying my name, and my husbands name, and I just love hearing her call my name when we are out and about.. lol... I used to call my daddy by his name when I was younger, and he LOVED it... now I know the feeling.. lol Alrighty... I am outa here... till the next time... Ciao!


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  2. Makes me remember my 2 girls were practically talking before a year and a 3 boys took much longer. Girls are just

  3. Thanks for passing Orland!

    CoolRed- I have been driving myself mad wondering when she would actually start saying things other then gibberish.. lol.. so I am happy she is finally starting.. :) Thanks for passing by!

  4. Salam,

    I just found your blog, very light hearted. We should exchange link :)

  5. Here come the terrible 2's--get used to the word "NO!" and learn how to keep a straight face when necessary LOL :D

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