Mar 21, 2009

3baya-less girls on Olaya Road!

My husband called me up at around 4pm, and asked me if I wanted to go anywhere after he was done at the gym, I said.. sure lets grab something to drink and go for a drive. He came and picked me up at about 5pm, and we started cruising a bit, we were driving on Olaya Rd (a pretty busy road in Riyadh). And I noticed about 4-5 of those 4 wheel thingys (Dababat). Anyway I looked closely and I noticed something was off, and I looked at my husband and was like.. aren't those two girls on the back of two of those!! He looked closely and was like OMG it is.. lol.. They were not covered, were wearing Capri's (Bermuda's), and t-shirts. They were both not wearing shoes, and had their long hair visible. I was shocked, and couldn't believe the guts this girls had to do that on such a busy road, at some a busy time (right before Maghreb Prayers here in Riyadh). Anyway, we didn't follow them as my husband and I felt that would have been unnecessary, and we watched many of the people around us staring at these girls in absolute awe. This would have been normal in other countries, even other neighbouring gulf countries (I have gone motorcycling in Kuwait, amongst many other activities that would be taboo here), But NOT Riyadh. I hope those girls weren't caught, and I hope that for their own sake they don't venture into those waters again. On another note, I saw a lady wearing something different, she was wearing a BLUE 3bayat ras (the 3baya you wear from the top of your head). It stood out, and was nice colour, she even had a blue face cover, so it was different, I guess people are trying to personalise their 3bayas in more ways then one. Alrighty.. I am outa here, I need to get my baby girl ready for sleep, and get her calm as she is still ultra hyper from her ventures outdoors :) Till the next time!


  1. that is simply *scandalous*...I wish I had seen it with my own two eyes because I barely believe you. Those boys grow their hair into incredible gravity defying afros...

  2. lol.. Belive me, they were girls! Not the guys with the annoyingly long hair! And not even those gay feminine looking guys... these were 100% Girls. I wanted to take a picture, But I didn't feel it was right to take a pic of the girls.. they looked young (16-17), and they were just trying to have a bit of fun.. lol

  3. Nice to know they could actually have that fun without someone in the community calling the cops to arrest them for spreading fitna through fun...sheesh!!


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